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Why does SO use a cc license for published code?

The CC license FAQ states: Can I apply a Creative Commons license to software? We recommend against using Creative Commons licenses for software. Instead, we strongly encourage you to use ...
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Another third place: preliminary testing for Stack Exchange shiny new projects

This is a follow-up to my comment on meta SO. I'm going to start on a chemical plant analogy. To achieve mass production with a new process, one goes through several scaling steps. At each step, the ...
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In the first two relicensing proposals, why did Stack Overflow try to use the Terms of Service to change the license requirements?

In this post, Tim Post laid out four things that Stack Overflow was looking to get out of a license: It has to protect our contributors to the point that they feel comfortable contributing. This ...
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Add an indicator for the license to code blocks and a tool to copy code with the proper attribution

I think it is a fair assumption that a large number of people using Stack Overflow and other programming SE sites don't understand or don't even think about the implications of the license when using ...
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Does the Share-alike clause of the content license mean software code content can't be used other than in open-source software?

Does the current applicability of the CC-BY-SA 4.0 to most Stack Overflow content actually mean that one can only embed (or adapt) code content from Stack Overflow in their own software if they make ...
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What happens when I use a Stack Overflow snippet without attribution [closed]

What happens if I don't give attribution when I was using a code snippet in my software?
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Can we place all future code snippets under a software-specific license?

Creative Commons specifically recommends that its licenses not be used for software, and I am aware that discussions occur frequently on this topic. Users often come to the site seeking a solution, ...
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Remove meta.SE reputation changes from voting to allow everyone to participate like normal meta sites [duplicate]

Many people have come to Meta to vote and comment on the proposed changes to the license. However most people coming from other sites don't have enough reputation to down vote answers. This completely ...
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What are the current (2018) license terms for code found on SE sites?

Back in January 2016, this Meta.SE post announced an upcoming license change for use of code taken from SE sites, to take effect in March of that year. (That post was a followup to this one.) There ...
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Do I have to worry about patent issues for code posted on Stack Overflow?

I purposely named this question similar to Do I have to worry about copyright issues for code posted on Stack Overflow?. Since Fedora is banning CC-0 licensed source code citing issue of explicitly ...
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End of long question or answer overprinting status information at bottom of browser window

Starting today, using the Firefox browser (52.6), some long questions or answers were displayed so that the end of the main entry overprinted the status information at the bottom: This appears in the ...
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Voting mechanism for feedback questions [duplicate]

The recent license posts The MIT License – Clarity on Using Code on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange and A New Code License: The MIT, this time with Attribution Required generated some confusion over ...
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Consider generalizing the "what browsers do we support?" page

A new page was recently added to the help center. From my testing on a few sites in the network, all of them state: Stack Overflow supports the last two stable versions of major browsers (emphasis ...
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Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow have moved to CC BY-SA 4.0

Effective today, all Subscriber Content on Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network will be available under the terms of version 4.0 of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) ...
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An apology to our community, and next steps

I’m David Fullerton, Stack Overflow’s CTO, responsible for the product, engineering, and community teams. I joined Stack Overflow in 2010 because I believed in the vision and mission of Stack ...
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