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What are "consecutive days"? [duplicate]

What does the expression "consecutive days" mean with respect to badges? Does it mean that you have to revist the site within 24 hours? Or does it allow that you might visit in the morning and the ...
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200 Rep Limit over what period exactly? [duplicate]

SO has a limit on the amount of reputation that can be earnt per day of 200 (there are exceptions but this question isn't about that). My question is exactly what constitutes a day? Is it any 24 ...
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Are time zones considered when calculating the Enthusiast badge? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is an SE “day”? When does each day start? Are users' local time zones are considered when calculating whether or not to award them the woot!/Enthusiast badge? ...
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What does "a day" mean? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is an SE “day”? When does each day start? Does "a day" mean that, for consecutive days, you have to log in within 24 hours of your last login? Or does it mean ...
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Consecutive visited days requires visiting w/in 24 hours of previous visit? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is an SE “day”? When does each day start? I know there are several questions on this topic, but I couldn't find any that seemed to address my exact situation. ...
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Is reputation-per-day being miscalculated? [duplicate]

At first, I thought that the timezone the servers were located in may be UTC, but from other MetaSO questions I see that the servers are located in NYC. This question seems to indicate that the clock ...
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What timezone is used on SE sites? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When does a day start? What timezone is used to calculate daily reputation, caps etc ? When "today" will be yesterday?
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How to determine the cut-off per day in StackOverFlow? [duplicate]

I just want to know if SO has some sort of cutoff time per day? Is it fixed in one time (e.g. 00:00) or has some sort of related to when you have registered? (Scenario: For example I registered at ...
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Fanatic badge: When does the server "zero" the "consecutive" field? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When does a day start? Some time ago I really, consciously tried to get my "Fanatics" badge. I made double sure I'd visit the page once a day and see the "last activity:" ...
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Are consecutive days counted each 24 hours or by UTC? [duplicate]

I'm pretty sure I've visited Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Overflow every day before 4 PM PDT (midnight UTC) for the past 50 days. I can recall seeing it say (I believe) 35(?) consecutive days visited ...
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What time zone does the question time stamp refer to? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is an SE “day”? When does each day start? According to the question What is an SE “day”? When does each day start?, Stack Overflow's servers are on UTC time. Does the ...
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SO doesn't account for GMT/BST changes [duplicate]

I couldn't find any dupes for this and it isn't a big blocker, but I thought it worth noting. We move from GMT to BST (British Summer Time = GMT+1) during the summer months in the UK, but SO doesn't ...
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Time standard followed by Stack Exchange [duplicate]

I just saw my today's reputation points earning on to be 10 and that too voted up 7 hours ago, though it's just 50 min. past mid-night (IST). What time standard is followed ...
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Why is login time not recorded correctly [duplicate]

I stay logged on to stackoverflow on my browser. But the consecutive day count seems to not show up correctly. For example I visited the site late Sunday night (today is Monday) and saw the counter ...
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How does day roll over on SO? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is an SE “day”? When does each day start? Can someone please explain when and how the "day" rolls over in SO? In other words, what exactly is a "day" ...
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