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What privilege should 30k users get?

The last time we lifted the level cap was in 2015. In 2014, we added a unilateral close-as-duplicate power for gold tag badge holders, but no new reputation level. So we've been thinking about giving ...
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Community-led deletionism: a protocol for sanity

A couple of events in the past few days have caused me to reflect - yet again - on the direction we're headed with regard to deletion on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange. First, a moderator on one of ...
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Possible for 15k+ users to mark questions which have been answered by suspended users as protected

From the protected question FAQ: Users with the Protect Questions privilege (15k reputation on graduated sites, 3.5k on beta sites) can protect a question which is at least a day old, and ...
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Auto-protect questions that get more than N answers from new users in a 24-hour period

Expanding the criteria for auto-protection has been discussed in the past: Should we automatically protect all questions with more than N answers? But I think that discussion addresses the wrong ...
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Please add the list of questions (un-)protected to the profile page [duplicate]

Currently, the profile page does not show which questions one (un-)protected. One can get a list from SEDE (at most one week old, not containing deleted questions), but that's somewhat cumbersome. I ...
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Is there a way to see the history of questions protected by me or another user?

Having a record of all actions taken on a site, as is provided by the "activity" and "votes" tabs of our profile, comes in handy very often. Perhaps the most common case is being ...
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Protect privilege has disappeared [duplicate]

On Puzzling, I noticed first that there wasn't an option to protect my own questions. I brought this up in chat, and other high-rep users replied that it has disappeared for them too. Not sure if this ...
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Answer from a user with 9 on-site reputation but protect option is not available (in sufficiently old question)

For 15K users protect option is supposed to work as described here: the question must have at least one answer by a new user aka a user with < 10 rep on the site (which is the required rep limit ...
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Show 10kers a larger list of recently protected questions

I recently reached 15k on Stack Overflow, and promptly went to check out my new privileges. Results: Questions protected: 0 Questions unprotected: >10 Turns out, people protect things for weird ...
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"Protect Questions" privilege page doesn't mention the new answer requirement

A new feature was implemented a few weeks ago from Prevent protecting questions under certain circumstances - We recently implemented a change to protected questions based on the suggestion by ...
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Protecting questions with answers by deleted users

As discussed in this post, a question must have at least one answer by a user with less than 10 reputation in order to be protected by a 15k+ user. For example, here’s a question that’s several ...
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Protecting questions why isn't it possible? [duplicate]

I have lately got the privilege of protecting questions on Islam SE. Maybe I don't really know how this works, but i wonder, why on some questions i would get this opportunity as it is clearly ...
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Why is so much rep needed to protect a question?

The feature to "protect" questions from inexperienced users is great, and works great. What's counterintuitive to me is that so much rep is required to protect a question. Using the feature requires ...
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Protection prevention ignores deleted answers from new users

Related: Prevent protecting questions under certain circumstances ...we're considering removing the option to protect from questions that haven't received at least one answer from a new user. That'...
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How many questions escape community protection because of reputation gained within checked question?

Community's auto-protection of questions is implemented such that quick upvotes to answers from new users make those answers cease to trigger the checks for automatically making a question protected. ...

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