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Protect privilege has disappeared [duplicate]

On Puzzling, I noticed first that there wasn't an option to protect my own questions. I brought this up in chat, and other high-rep users replied that it has disappeared for them too. Not sure if this ...
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Protecting questions why isn't it possible? [duplicate]

I have lately got the privilege of protecting questions on Islam SE. Maybe I don't really know how this works, but i wonder, why on some questions i would get this opportunity as it is clearly ...
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What privilege should 30k users get?

The last time we lifted the level cap was in 2015. In 2014, we added a unilateral close-as-duplicate power for gold tag badge holders, but no new reputation level. So we've been thinking about giving ...
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Community-led deletionism: a protocol for sanity

A couple of events in the past few days have caused me to reflect - yet again - on the direction we're headed with regard to deletion on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange. First, a moderator on one of ...
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Handling "Problematic" Stack Overflow participants

What do I mean by "problematic Stack Overflow participants"? Here are the criteria: Asks dozens to hundreds of questions over a period of 3-6 months (or more). All questions are consistently of low ...
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Auto-protect questions that get more than N answers from new users in a 24-hour period

Expanding the criteria for auto-protection has been discussed in the past: Should we automatically protect all questions with more than N answers? But I think that discussion addresses the wrong ...
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Show 10kers a larger list of recently protected questions

I recently reached 15k on Stack Overflow, and promptly went to check out my new privileges. Results: Questions protected: 0 Questions unprotected: >10 Turns out, people protect things for weird ...
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Should I flag questions missing Source code?

So many times I've come across questions where the OP has wrote a lot of text describing the issue they are having, but haven't provided any source code. And without the source code its almost ...
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How many questions escape community protection because of reputation gained within checked question?

Community's auto-protection of questions is implemented such that quick upvotes to answers from new users make those answers cease to trigger the checks for automatically making a question protected. ...
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Why is so much rep needed to protect a question?

The feature to "protect" questions from inexperienced users is great, and works great. What's counterintuitive to me is that so much rep is required to protect a question. Using the feature requires ...
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Is there a way to see the history of questions protected by me or another user?

Having a record of all actions taken on a site, as is provided by the "activity" and "votes" tabs of our profile, comes in handy very often. Perhaps the most common case is being ...
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Does it make sense to flag an answer as VLQ without also downvoting?

Does it make sense to flag an answer as very low quality (VLQ), without also downvoting it? If an answer is bad enough for me to flag as VLQ, is it recommended that I also downvote it? I'm hoping ...
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Possible for 15k+ users to mark questions which have been answered by suspended users as protected

From the protected question FAQ: Users with the Protect Questions privilege (15k reputation on graduated sites, 3.5k on beta sites) can protect a question which is at least a day old, and ...
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Please add the list of questions (un-)protected to the profile page [duplicate]

Currently, the profile page does not show which questions one (un-)protected. One can get a list from SEDE (at most one week old, not containing deleted questions), but that's somewhat cumbersome. I ...
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Protection prevention ignores deleted answers from new users

Related: Prevent protecting questions under certain circumstances ...we're considering removing the option to protect from questions that haven't received at least one answer from a new user. That'...
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Answer from a user with 9 on-site reputation but protect option is not available (in sufficiently old question)

For 15K users protect option is supposed to work as described here: the question must have at least one answer by a new user aka a user with < 10 rep on the site (which is the required rep limit ...
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"Protect Questions" privilege page doesn't mention the new answer requirement

A new feature was implemented a few weeks ago from Prevent protecting questions under certain circumstances - We recently implemented a change to protected questions based on the suggestion by ...
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Protecting questions with answers by deleted users

As discussed in this post, a question must have at least one answer by a user with less than 10 reputation in order to be protected by a 15k+ user. For example, here’s a question that’s several ...
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