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When a moderator uses their tools to destroy a user, can the user re-register using the same email address? [duplicate]

When a moderator uses their tools to destroy a user, can the user re-register using the same email address? I don't mind the user participating in the future, but they are currently engaged in what ...
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Users should not be able to wipe their record by requesting account deletion and then recreating the account [duplicate]

Sometimes, suspended users request deletion, which is usually provided to them. However, if they log in again with the same OpenID, a new profile is created (attached to the same network account), ...
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Brace yourselves: The GDPR is coming!

It's actually nothing to worry about. You as users end up with more protection, and companies like us are left in a place where we've got a framework for handling your information that puts much ...
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How do I find out why I was suspended?

I recently decided to revive another person's question on Stack Overflow with Reverse Engineering related tags, and seeing how participating in RE discussions can be controversial for some jobs, I ...
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Are there specific guidelines for suspensions for rude and/or offensive content?

Are there standard guidelines on SE regarding how many rude and/or offensive posts does it take before someone earns a suspension? Or is that more subjective, up to moderator discretion and varied ...
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Could we have longer automatic suspensions for destroyed profiles, and better communication with these users?

Currently, when a user is destroyed for spamming or deleted as no longer welcome to participate, there's a short 14-day automatic suspension meant to keep them from using a newly-created profile with ...
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If you delete your account, can you still be suspended?

I've seen something that's bothering me, but I don't know if my loss of faith in good intentions is warranted. A highly controversial post was made, followed up by a lot of comments, edits and meta ...
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My account has been suspended and I'm not sure how to contact moderators to appeal [duplicate]

I had written "I love spamming" in the answer section of one the questions, but I have deleted it very soon after I had written it. I did it because I was bored and now I realize the mistake....
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How does one appeal the removal of their account in a way that automatically suspends their account?

What can I do to lift or reduce a suspension? contains good advice for appealing manually-imposed moderator suspensions, which always have a moderator message attached to them that the user can reply ...
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Amend autosuspension of deleted accounts to include recreation for Sockpuppet deletions?

Related: Automatically suspend accounts recreated after a moderator deleted the original Recently downstream on Ask Ubuntu, an account was deleted for being a sockpuppet of another account. Within ...
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