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(How) should I report someone abusing data from Stack Exchange for spam?

Disclaimer: the email below has turned out to be from the person signed below it The general question in title still stands. So I got this spam from Gmail address address removed since it turned to ...
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"Expand all comments" button

When there are lots of comments under a post, they're automatically collapsed, and if you want to find (Ctrl + F) a specific word/phrase on the page, you have to look for and click the show (n) more ...
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Is this data broker violating SE terms of service?

Recently SE amended its terms of use to prevent automatic scraping of site information by third parties for information brokering (at least, that's what I gathered from it). I just read about a new ...
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How to indicate "useful" vs "agree/disagree" on site metas?

This problem just came up on a site meta: A user commented on a question, I can't decide whether to upvote because this is a good topic or downvote because I [disagree with the proposal]. So, ...
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Statistics regarding users who recently flooded MSE with blatantly off-topic debugging questions

Related: Sudden increase in off-topic posts on MSE Ways to give users some specific education about question quality and topicality Block migration if user is suspended/question-blocked at ...
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Sudden increase in off-topic posts on MSE

It seems that the Updated Terms of Service message linking to the MSE post discussing it had a undesired side effect: there is a huge increase in off-topic (mostly programming) questions. (Not to ...
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Is "About me" portion of my profile licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0?

I recently read this comment, which is quoted below (without its inline links): @Robotnik, here's your profile page, which contains information that you, as a user of the Stack Exchange service, ...
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Is my script in violation of new TOS?

I have a userscript that I wrote to see who downvoted my answers on Stack Overflow. It does so by requesting and parsing other users' profiles via AJAX. Is this in violation of the new policy?
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Color the background of block quotes on mobile

The desktop site has a nice yellow background for block quotes. As an example, this post shows block quotes like this on the desktop: But like this on mobile: In my opinion, the background is ...
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Shouldn't the Terms of Service use Stack Overflow, Inc.?

The Terms of Service still uses the term Stack Exchange, Inc. However, I believe that the name is now Stack Overflow, Inc. , so I believe that should be changed to that. It is weird to have the wrong ...
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How can I report Spam sent via my Stack Exchange profile contact info?

I received spam via my website contact form from somebody who specified that he got my contact via one of the Stack Exchange's sites. I understand that Stack Exchange may not have to deal this kind ...
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Someone contacted me by email but my email is not public

Last week I got an email to my email address saying "I saw on Stack Overflow that you were interested in.." and the content of the question I asked. The email suggested I'll star a bug \ feature ...
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A site (or scraper) is copying content from Stack Exchange. What should I do?

Since day one of Stack Overflow, all content posted on Stack Exchange sites by their users (i.e. you wonderful people) has been provided to the whole universe under the CC BY-SA license. For my fellow ...
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Could I hire someone on Stack Overflow to do some projects for me?

Occasionally I come across a good programmer that I could use to do some projects for me. I have lots of ideas and need help sometimes. I wondered if it's allowed to hire someone?
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Profile Images with copyright

What happens if a user uses a copyright image as a profile image on SO or any other site? Is it ok to use such images because according to law it is illegal to use anything which has a copyright? My ...
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