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Provide a summary of an SE site up-front [duplicate]

I suggest providing a summary of the purpose of a StackExchange site up-front (i.e., near the top of the page). Probably as a "Rounded/Squared Question Mark" button to the left of the site's logo, ...
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Why are Stack Exchange site rules for each site not easily visible on the front page? [duplicate]

This is my usual experience: "I want to post a question but I don't know what kind of questions are within the rules on this site. And since I don't want a question that took me 10 minutes to write ...
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What are the most effective ways to guide new users?

New users' first contributions to a site, by their nature, often require improvement. There are different methods of dealing with this, and I am looking for evidence that would help understand which ...
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Usability issues for first-time Stack Exchange users - a micro-study

I come from lands afar, also known as Hardware Recommendations Stack Exchange. Over there, we have a serious problem with first-time Stack Exchange users coming along and asking off-topic questions - ...
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Make "What's on topic for this site?" visible

Often, when I want to ask a question (such as now on, I wonder: "Is it on topic or not for this specific SE site?" then, I'm parsing the page visually, trying to find if ...
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Sudden increase in off-topic posts on MSE

It seems that the Updated Terms of Service message linking to the MSE post discussing it had a undesired side effect: there is a huge increase in off-topic (mostly programming) questions. (Not to ...
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Please reduce the volume of programming questions on Meta Stack Exchange

It used to be so quiet here, a nice place where users understanding the basics of the SE network of sites discussed important matters, made wonderful feature requests and sometimes even filed a bug ...
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Why do users often ask blatantly off-topic questions here on Meta?

For quite some time, newer users seem to ask a lot of blatantly off-topic questions here on Meta. They are mostly programming questions that should have been closed asked on Stack Overflow, along with ...
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Improved Help Center - site-specific pages and site-specific edits to all pages

Right now, moderators can edit some pages in a site's Help Center. For example, the entire /help/on-topic page can be edited. However, the /help/dont-ask page can't be edited at all. I'd like to see ...
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Statistics regarding users who recently flooded MSE with blatantly off-topic debugging questions

Related: Sudden increase in off-topic posts on MSE Ways to give users some specific education about question quality and topicality Block migration if user is suspended/question-blocked at ...
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Downvoting off-topic MSE posts is counterproductive

Several times a day, people make clearly off-topic posts on MSE. And I've noticed something of a trend with these posts. Obviously, people vote-to-close them as off-topic. But they also get downvoted ...
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The tour wastes too much time on unspecific stuff

After signing up for a new site, the thing you are most prominently told to do (to get a badge) is read the tour. The tour is...bad. The top summary is very generic. Out of the 55 words in Science ...
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Where should a user post to ask for help bridging the knowledge / communication gap between experts in a field and themselves?

Is there a location where someone can post a potential question so that experts in the fields could help insert/correct the jargon used within it. Jargon being terminology that an amateur in the field ...
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How do I view the posting guidelines and FAQ for a site?

How do I view the posting guidelines and FAQ for a site? I would like to post a question to one of the sites on the network, but am not sure it would be appropriate for the specific site I have in ...
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Improving "How to ask" page readability

This proposal comes in two parts. First of all, I think that "How to ask" page lacks readability at the moment and therefore is ignored by most new users. A simple CSS change will make things much ...
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