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A Terms of Service update restricting companies that scrape your profile information without your permission

Update (April 19, 2016): This change is now live. You can view the updated Terms of Service here, or read about them below. tl;dr: We’re planning to make some changes to our Terms of Service to stop ...
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Please reduce the volume of programming questions on Meta Stack Exchange

It used to be so quiet here, a nice place where users understanding the basics of the SE network of sites discussed important matters, made wonderful feature requests and sometimes even filed a bug ...
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Is there a system in place to prevent new users asking, answering and accepting answers to each others' off-topic questions?

Normally new users are not allowed to up-vote until they gain a bit of reputation by receiving up-votes or accepts from the community of a site. But this has a weak point that is being exploited: ...
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Ways to give users some specific education about question quality and topicality

Important: This question is being asked here, and not on the Programmers Meta, because I believe that several SE sites suffer from this same, specific problem. On Programmers, I see a pattern ...
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Why do users often ask blatantly off-topic questions here on Meta?

For quite some time, newer users seem to ask a lot of blatantly off-topic questions here on Meta. They are mostly programming questions that should have been closed asked on Stack Overflow, along with ...
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Require having a few reputation on at least one other site before posting to MSE

We get quite a few questions every day from users who somehow get lost and ask questions that are completely off-topic here, mainly users who seem to think they are on Stack Overflow. I have been ...
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Users with 1 rep can't view any questions here on MSE

Trying to view questions with a 1 rep sock I have resulted in the Something Bad Happened: Can this please be fixed? Viewing questions while logged out (as anonymous visitor) works fine. Going ...
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What's responsible for the increase in the number of accounts created every week here on Meta Stack Exchange?

I've noticed that since the past year, the number of accounts created on Meta Stack Exchange every week has increased noticeably, and has sustained a much higher rate than it has sustained for the ...
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Be proud of tag wikis!

Was interested in learning more about a particular tag (in a single tag filter page) when I realized just how much tag wikis must be embarrassing to the folks who run this joint Look at that anemic "...
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Fine-tune the programming topic warning on MSE

There's a warning bar across the top of every MSE page, warning me that the site is for discussion of the network, and that if I have a programming question I should take it to SO. That sounds useful....
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Statistics regarding users who recently flooded MSE with blatantly off-topic debugging questions

Related: Sudden increase in off-topic posts on MSE Ways to give users some specific education about question quality and topicality Block migration if user is suspended/question-blocked at ...
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1 rep users can ask on Meta again

For some time, 1 rep users are banned from MSE. Today, a 1 rep user posted a coding question again ( Has the ban been lifted or is it broken (again)?
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How should we steer lost users?

Here is a thing I see fairly often here on Meta.SE: The question isn't remotely on-topic and was rightly, and quickly, put on hold. Somebody left a comment (not shown) pointing out what Meta.SE is ...
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Why does an error message for less than 1 reputation exist?

I recently tried posting an answer and got the following error messages: You must have a minimum of 1 reputation to post on this site. You must log in to post. The first issue here is that as you ...
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Should we have a tag for questions involving new users asking blatantly off-topic questions here on MSE?

We all know about the persistent problem of new users posting blatantly off-topic questions here on Meta Stack Exchange for many reasons. This problem dates back to at least 2013, and happens often ...
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