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Could we have the ability to mark a change as minor in questions or answers?

It would be nice to allow users to mark a change in an answer (or question) as minor (e.g. for a simple spelling or grammar correction). A change marked as minor wouldn't push the question on top of ...
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Is there a way to edit a question without bumping it to the front page?

Given that the Stack Overflow trilogy is to be a resource for googlers, I usually try to go back over my questions/answers and improve them in whatever way that I can. However, I feel this may be ...
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It should be possible to retag a question without bumping it to the front page

While bumps are generally good, there are niche cases where they are harmful: I recently decided I would consolidate two tags on Stack Overflow: "openoffice" and "". They refer to ...
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Allow non-bumping minor edits, but review them on /review

Every edit, no matter how minor, bumps a question to the frontpage of an SE site. This behaviour is important to allow the community to review edits, but it also creates significant problems when a ...
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Should tiny edits be accepted or rejected in review?

I regularly review suggested edits on the review page. One common situation is that a user will propose a tiny edit, like capitalising a single letter, or removing only the salutation from a post. In ...
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"Trivial edit" checkbox

Every time I see someone use the word "loosing", it makes my insides twist. I thought I'd go on a mini-campaign to correct this spelling (unless I happen across a correct usage, of course). However, ...
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Should I approve spelling-and-grammar–only suggested edits?

I've been seeing lots of suggested edits recently that are simple spelling and grammar fixes: I've tended to reject several of these, because they're not really substantial edits. From an old blog ...
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Tool for peer-reviewed no-bump mass retagging

Cleaning up a bad or ambiguous tag is a very annoying and disruptive process. While there are moderator tools for renaming and merging tags, there is no tool that helps splitting a tag or removing a ...
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Trivial edits: “Stackoverflow” and “StackExchange”

Trivial edits are superficial, especially when it consists of adding a single space. Currently, there are 9,415 results for “Stackoverflow” written as a solid compound. Some of those results spell ...
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Should question and answer edits make a question go to the top? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a way to edit a question without bumping it to the front page? On Super User today, there was a tiny disagreement in chat about mass editing spamming the front page ...
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The problem with automatically bumping edited posts [duplicate]

I've been reminded several times that a question on a SE site should be able to help future visitors. Indeed, it's very common for a question to be closed for being too specific. At the same time, we ...
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Finding Questions with the Newest Answers anywhere on Site?

Accessing Questions via your own Newest Answers (or by Votes or Activity) is easy to do using functionality already present on your user profile (see below). However, I have not yet found a similarly ...
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Let experienced users silently edit their posts [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there a way to edit a question without bumping it to the front page? How feasible and desirable would it be to allow users with some minimal rep—say, 2K? 5K?—to edit their ...
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Closes / Edits Should Not Bump Questions on "Recent" List

The "Recent Questions" list is useless every time "Bill the Lizard" goes on one of his editing sprees. Editing (and closing) questions should not bump them onto the "recent" list.
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The system for adding a new tag to old questions is broken

Tags are useful for lots of reasons. Accurate and specific tags: much more-so. When a site does't have a particular tag, it's easy enough to add a new tag to an existing question. But, applying a new ...
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