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Help us identify new roles for community members

Update 2 (March 6, 23) We made a shortlist of the most promising suggestions from the answers provided, and we then shared our findings with Philippe Beaudette, our VP of Community. After some ...
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Empowering tag-badge holders part II - let's look at silver?

Not long ago, we gave folks that have a gold tag badge the ability to instantly mark a question as a duplicate of another. This has worked out exceptionally well in practice. While there have been ...
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It’s time to retire the term “rep-whore”

Going forward, “rep-whore” (and its derivatives) will be treated like any other term that’s inconsistent with the community’s “be nice” policy: it will be removed. It’s totally okay if you’ve used ...
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What is FGITW and SCITE?

I only read Meta every so often but I've seen lots of talk about SCITE and FGITW. I have no idea what these are! Can someone please define and explain these abbreviations?
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Comprehensive question quality blocks now enabled everywhere

Questions are the lifeblood of any Stack Exchange site. But asking good questions can be difficult, and while most people start off doing it poorly, some never get better. For years now, when sites ...
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Proposal to make close votes scale with rep

There have been several proposals for how we’re ever going to get a handle on the ever-mounting close-vote queue. Dupehammer has been especially successful, and there have been several proposals ...
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Bring a "human factor" into review audit composition/selection

Some people are complaining about the automatically generated audits. They are based on close reasons and apparently are a little controversial :-) Failed low-quality review audit Reopen Question ...
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Adding the consensus to review's history

Today, I started exploring the reviews section on Stack Overflow and specially the Triage queue. In the history section I can see all my reviews, and also the triage category I chose (for ...
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On the recent changes to flagging and limits

Looks like flagging has been affected by releases today. Are these intended effects? Higher daily limits (appear doubled for me, flagging of posts limit also doubled). Explained by Shog9 below. Soft ...
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Why was the bounty on this question cancelled?

A user had put a bounty on this question. The bounty was later cleared by a moderator, who sent the user a private message citing the reason for revoking the bounty (supplied by the user in chat): ...
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Was a question ever closed with 5 different reasons?

Any time I open the close dialog I wonder if it ever happened that 5 people voted to close; each of them with a different reason? As long as it wasn't done deliberately the probability of such lack ...
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How to see the correctness of close/reopen votes?

How can I see the ratio of my previous close/reopen votes that were correct (i.e. resulted in the question being closed/reopened) or incorrect (i.e. resulted in the question left open/closed)? I am ...
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