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Make comment flags less stupid

Update: declining this in favor of Drop "not constructive", combine "noisy", reword "rude" and "other" comment flags I'm sick of comment flags, and I'm pretty ...
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Does the 'not constructive' flag have a strongly negative connotation? If so, can we have more detailed clarity on its use?

I've been happily comment-flagging away on the sites with what I thought was a good understanding of the comment flag system. There are some posts on non-constructive flags, but none that I can see ...
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Can we add a reputation penalty to comments that are removed for being Rude or Abusive?

Many sites have issues with users abusing comments to violate the be nice policy. Currently other than the occasional warning or suspension there is no real deterrent. The lack of any noticeable ...
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Do we have any means to prevent disastrous red flag bullying?

Today I was reminded of this again by a discussion on Meta Stack Overflow. The situation is following: There is nowhere that a destroyed spam-flagged post will show up in the moderators' queue; ...
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Code of Conduct: enforcement and sanctioning

The new Code of Conduct outlines and clarifies a number of our rules. But it also includes a section on how violators of those rules will be punished. I don't want to discuss particulars of the CoC ...
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Comments and posts auto-deleted by community flags should be shown to moderators

Currently, if a question or answer accumulates a sufficient number of offensive or spam flags against it, it is automatically deleted and a reputation penalty is imposed on the poster. Likewise, ...
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What happens when a comment is flagged for harassment?

What happens when a comment is flagged for being offensive or harassment, etc., and the flag is deemed helpful? Apparently the comment is deleted. Is there any message to the offending user? Are there ...
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Can the recidivism system be applied to comments?

Posting comments, like posting questions, should be seen as a consumable resource that can in fact be depleted. We should be encouraging users to post questions or answers, not comments. Some ...
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Could we provide some automatic feedback on (enough) unfriendly/rude comments?

If you have too many recent declined flags, you get a warning when you next start to flag something. If you fail a review audit, you also get feedback (I think on the spot in that case). In both ...
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Don't automatically clear the possible comment abuse flags when a post is deleted by the owner

The new possible comment abuse flag is raised whenever a user adds many non-constructive or rude comments. Yesterday, a user added 4 rude comments, thus raising the flag. 4 minutes later, they ...
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Why would the users page in the mod tools be showing three flags on a user when there are only two?

While browsing through the mod stuff, I took a look at the /users page. There I noticed that on the all time stats, my own name was showing with three flags: So, curious, I clicked to see what ...
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Single Flag deletes comment with profanity [duplicate]

There is an existing question How is it possible that a single user who is not a moderator can delete a comment? 4 years old about a post a year prior, that focuses on a post containing the word(s) '...
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