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Let's Plan the Second Iteration of the Stack Exchange Quality Project! [closed]

In case you missed the first one, check out the se-quality-project tag. The quality project isn't one that we plan to ever finish, it's perennial and kicks in every 18 months or so after we've had ...
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What privilege should 30k users get?

The last time we lifted the level cap was in 2015. In 2014, we added a unilateral close-as-duplicate power for gold tag badge holders, but no new reputation level. So we've been thinking about giving ...
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How to avoid "Hot Network Questions" on the sidebar

This may sound like a 'first world problem', but I am quite easily distracted by the 'Hot Network Questions' sidebar, as I find them quite amusing and some of them quite intellectual But where the ...
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Updating the Hot Network Questions List - now with a bit more network and a little less "hotness"!

Some of you may have noticed that we've been making some changes to the Hot Network Questions on the back end over the last week or so. I'm here announcing our first round of changes to how the HNQ ...
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Prevent questions on the Hot List from being upvoted by casual visitors (only rep is from association bonus)

I have experienced this on a couple of sites (and I'm not the only one): You look through the question list. You see a pretty bad (or at least not-so-good) question heavily upvoted. Or even worse, a ...
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What are the criteria for questions to be selected for Hot Network Questions?

I really like the new Stack Exchange home page, where certain questions from the Stack Exchange Network are presented, along with a hotness rating that is described as "arbitrary" in its ...
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Allow moderators or gold tag badge holders to prevent questions from being on the hot network questions (HNQ) list

Sometimes a question that is not representative of a site makes the HNQ list. This can lead to a large bump in traffic on a question the community may not be well equipped to handle. I propose that ...
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Send a notification to mods (and 10k users?) when questions go "hot"

Editor's note: This is not a duplicate of Now you can know if a question really hit the HNQ. This asks for a notification when a question hits HNQ; the revision history item mentioned in the other ...
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Preventing the HNQ feedback-loop

We all know that the HNQ causes good- or okay-questions to be flooded with activity, especially if they have an abnormal or controversial title. There’s no need to get into the mess which kicked off ...
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Please open the Hot Network Questions to auditing via the Data Explorer

One of the contentious issues on today's Stack Exchange is the Hot Network Questions sidebar, which can drive a lot of traffic to junk-food questions that can be very poor fits to the sites that host ...
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Encourage active users to edit Hot Questions, especially titles

Questions on the "Hot Network" list are like travel billboards: they advertise sites to users elsewhere, to maybe get those users interested in participating. But I have noticed that those questions ...
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At smaller graduated sites, delay granting association bonus until at least after 2-3 days visited

(matters of association bonus are probably not important for large sites) Immediately granting association bonus carries certain risk of destructive impact (comments and votes) from users totally ...
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Can we flag questions with content/trigger warnings?

Part of my daily routine is to go to and see the hot questions. Today this hot question was up:
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Open Hot Network Questions in a read-only mode

The HNQ is a hot-button issue but I think it's safe to say that the way the HNQ visitors interact with a site can often be problematic. This question on preventing "drive-by upvotes" from non-regular ...
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Hot Network Questions doesn't make clear enough that it's not a representative sample of a site's questions

I love Hot Network Questions. I really do. But I've got a little gripe, that's been itching at the back of my head for a while. Hot Network Questions is great at exposing a new site, and introducing ...
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