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What do grey backgrounds signify on a user's account list? [duplicate]

I've recently noticed (within the last few weeks or so) that when I view certain users' network profiles and click on the 'Accounts' tab, some of their accounts are highlighted with a grey background: ...
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How do I hide a community from my network profile? [duplicate]

I want to hide an account from my network profile. I would like to reference my Stack Exchange profile in a professional setting. I do not want one of my accounts publically displayed for employers ...
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Is there a way to detach one Stack Exchange site from the rest of the sites and move it to a different account/email? [duplicate]

I'm beginning to posts answers / ask questions on the Workplace Stack Exchange site. I believe at a point I might write something which could be seen in a different light. So, is it possible to ...
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Hiding sites from the main profile page?

Since the new profile functionality was added, it has been possible to hide a site from showing in your associated sites list on your profile on specific sites in the network. However, regardless of ...
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Why do some users have an association bonus even if they are not in any other Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

Why do some users have an association bonus even if they are not in any other Stack Exchange sites (as shown in their profile)? P.S.- I came across many users recently (like this one or this one).
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Association bonus (+100 rep) and site disconnection bug?

Bug 1: Association bonuses for no apparent reason. This user joined our stack with 101 rep (from the association bonus). On checking rep I see one other stack with 101 rep, and one stack with 1 rep. ...
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Allow Users with Starting Bonus to Upvote/Comment on any Site Without Signing Up for That Site

I'm sure it's happened to you: you're browsing Stack Overflow, when you see that amazingly tempting HNQ in the corner. You click on it, and have an immediate urge to comment/upvote. You click the ...
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Possibility to ask anonymous questions

The Stack Exchange network has been growing a lot in the past couple of years. By now there are many sites that are about potentially sensitive topics. One that comes to mind is https://workplace....
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Allow moving an existing Stack Exchange account to a new user account if different from the main category in that user account

UPDATE: shortened, and with the official Stack Exchange (in the following: SE) categories. This is a spin-off from Move an existing Stack Exchange account to a new user account?. You could for example ...
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Is there a way of hiding my network profile from my profile on individual sites? [duplicate]

I participate in several of the SEs. I use different aliases for each one, but I notice that regardless, people can look at my profile on all of them once they access my profile on one of them. On ...
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Single profile vs multiple profiles [duplicate]

Is it against SE rules or suggested good practice to have a different profiles for every SE site rather than a single profile?
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How to leave a website? [duplicate]

I don't want 3D printing to show up in 'my websites'. I am using the Android app. How can I remove that site?
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