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It looks like the duplicate banner changed. How does it work now?

I noticed this morning that posts that were closed with a gold badge dupe hammer have a new banner. A couple of examples of the new look are below. Is this a new change or just testing as I can't ...
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Why wasn't I ever informed that that a bounty was put on my question? [duplicate]

I was wondering why an old question of mine was gaining steam. I looked at it just now, and lo and behold someone has a bounty on it! When did that happen? Why wasn't I ever informed that that a ...
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Is it possible to close questions because they are already solved? [duplicate]

Some questions happen to be solved for some reason (for instance, a new software version), and there's no answer it should be marked as accepted, but the question is not 'Open' anymore. And I don't ...
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How to vote to reopen a question from the iOS app? [duplicate]

I know how to vote to close, but I don't see the reopen path anywhere. Where is it?
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Click does not work for Stack Exchange pages [duplicate]

I usually use the Mathematics and TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange sites. From today, the usual mouse-click suddenly started not to work for these sites. For example, I found a useful code in this page, so ...
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Should Badges that can no longer be awarded be removed from the 'Badges' panel? [duplicate]

I was browsing the Stack Overflow badges tab earlier, and noticed there are some badges that can no longer be awarded. For example; Analytic Precognitive Beta These are badges that, unless I'm ...
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Tag links not hidden by spoilers [duplicate]

Links to tags are not hidden by spoilers: For a start why? I don't see what purpose being able to see the outline of a tag (it is more visible on other sites) when all other pieces of text are hidden....
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Why is an accepted answer not counted in the Score of a Next tag badge? [duplicate]

Why is the score of a tag not counted after you get an accepted answer? If I answer a question with a support tag, why does this not count in the Next tag badge?
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Strange behaviour of Stack Exchange websites [duplicate]

The webiste of Stack Overflow (and all its subsites, even this meta.stackexchange website too) always has a drop down box open, and also the shape of website is quite out of the layout. At first ...
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Searching question problem [duplicate]

Please add an option for searching a question in all categories. So, that we don't have to bound with a topic like if I am searching a mathematics-related question then it should be searched in whole ...
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Where did the Programmers Stack Exchange site go? [duplicate]

Wasn't there a Programmers Stack Exchange site? A site different from Stack Overflow, of course. I don't see it listed.
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Stack Exchange name pun? [duplicate]

Is 'Stack Exchange' a pun on 'Stock Exchange'? Or does it refer to programming 'stacks', and so not related at all? A similar question is [here]. However I am thinking 'Stack' to 'Stock' is a ...
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