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Why doesn't the Stack Overflow team fix the Firesheep style cookie theft?

Firesheep sniffs the network looking for session id's and makes it very easy for an attacker to hijack this authenticated session. It should be noted that Firesheep is nothing new ; it just makes this ...
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Ban ImageShack images because they are reusing old URLs for advertising

There's a very popular topic on Stack Overflow's Meta asking to Ban ImageShack Images. This was created because ImageShack deletes old images to free up server space, making images within older posts ...
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Roadmap for HTTPS/SSL support [duplicate]

Every once in a while, someone comes to Meta to report a bug about something not working and it turns out that person is visiting one of the network sites over HTTPS/SSL. The problem has been growing ...
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Did something change in SEDE's data?

Over on Ask Ubuntu, we have been using this query to find out old posts with non-imgur images. It was working alright before this weekend, but now it's returning 0 rows. What's going wrong?
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Help us fix broken images!

This is a request for help for fixing the broken images when switching to HTTPS soon (originated from Roadmap to HTTPS: serving and uploading HTTPS-images only). There is a Crowd Crafting project set ...
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Non-HTTPS images are still served in some cases

Regarding the announcement from last March, Roadmap to HTTPS: serving and uploading HTTPS-images only, has there been a recent change to this policy? Non-HTTPS images are being displayed on some posts....
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What should I do when I notice posts with images hosted on suspicious non-Imgur domains?

The two main issues with posts containing images hosted on non- domains are: Link rot. Potential spam — in case the hoster replaces the images with advertisements. There are ...
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the evaluation of posts edited by the user Community in SO

From this question: Include posts edited by the Community user in searches with wiki:yes/true/1 What are the purposes of posts edited by the user Community, rules, value of those type of posts etc.? ...
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If an account gets hijacked and used for posting illegal material, will Stack Exchange be willing to cooperate with local attorneys?

It makes several years that this post is status-planned. There are reason to consider it won’t be status-completed in the upcoming years. So whatever I can do, my account can be hijacked anytime ...
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Raw-Link titles not rendering properly in preview

When editing a question on Cryptography.SE I noticed that when using the full (adress-bar) link, the full (raw) link would also appear in the preview and when saved it would properly show the title. ...
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Does the community user only edit http to https? [duplicate]

I saw some posts that were edited by community yesterday. When I checked the revision history, the edit was edited http to https. Does the Community User only change links from http to https, or are ...
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Community should add HTTPS to Chat links

Community changed all links to and to HTTPS a while ago. However, it seems to have not done this to links to, as seen in this search, this ...
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HTTPS image conversion didn't work for .ico files

In Roadmap to HTTPS: serving and uploading HTTPS-images only, Step 3 said: After this is enabled, old posts that have HTTP images, accessible via HTTPS, will be edited accordingly. This will be ...
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