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What does "not constructive" mean, and how does it differ from "too chatty"? [duplicate]

When flagging a comment to be deleted, the possible flags are "rude or offensive", "not constructive", "obsolete", "too chatty", and custom. I'm trying to ...
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Abusive post / offensive comment [duplicate]

Why when flagging a post I see "rude or abusive": But for comment similar option looks as "rude or offensive": Should the text be different? P.S. English is not my native language :)
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Wasn't there a "not constructive" flag for comments? [duplicate]

I thought there was such a thing - and yes, I see that a handful of my comment flags are about "not constructive". I wanted to use it just now - but the list of available flags only shows "rude", "...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Updated comment flagging - Supporting the new Code of Conduct

We're no strangers to discussion of the flag dialogues, particularly when it comes to comment flags. Since that discussion two years ago we've been reassessing how comments are used on the network and ...
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Why do some people answer in comments?

Why do some people post comments that are actually answers to the question? Wouldn't posting an answer be better?
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Make comment flags less stupid

Update: declining this in favor of Drop "not constructive", combine "noisy", reword "rude" and "other" comment flags I'm sick of comment flags, and I'm pretty ...
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How should we deal with RTFM comments?

I encountered this question, which contains an RTFM comment in response to a user's question-comment about the answer. I believe that in SO there should not be RTFM answers, as was already ...
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Drop "noisy" comment flags from the moderator queue unless an answer has 5 or more comments

The problem There are a huge number of noisy comments, and they generate a huge number of flags. But, a large number of flags are raised on comments where they won't do very much good: if there's only ...
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What features did the Community Team discuss, have implemented, or have denied last month?

This process is deprecated/on indefinite hold. See this Meta post for updates from the DAG team, and this other one for more context on the changes in the process. On a weekly basis, the Community ...
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Does the 'not constructive' flag have a strongly negative connotation? If so, can we have more detailed clarity on its use?

I've been happily comment-flagging away on the sites with what I thought was a good understanding of the comment flag system. There are some posts on non-constructive flags, but none that I can see ...
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Obsolete comment flags should notify the original commenter in advance of moderators

Simple enough: The OP is the best judge of whether the comment is obsolete, and has no particular incentive to be unscrupulous in leaving an old comment - and even if they did, chances are this ...
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New "no longer needed" flag reason title is incorrect

The comment flags have been improved to look like this (stealing the image from Shog9's answer describing them): It's a small thing, but "no longer needed" is incorrect; "longer" doesn't belong there....
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Why was the display of prior "no longer needed" comment flags retroactively changed to "not relevant" in my flag history?

I noticed that the "no longer needed" flagging option for comments was changed to "not relevant". Okay, fine. This should affect all future flags. But I noticed when looking in my flag history that ...
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Can we add more information to "no longer needed" flags?

As a moderator on a couple comment-heavy sites, I see a lot of "no longer needed" comment flags. But that doesn't tell me why it's no longer needed, so to evaluate it I usually have to read through a ...
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