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SEDE should pick up on changes to community metadata [duplicate]

It appears that site meta data isn't updated in SEDE. As an example, Moderators.SE was renamed to Community Building in December 2014. It is still listed in SEDE as Moderators.SE, as of July 2015. To ...
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Why hasn't Music.SE's name changed on data.stackexchange? [duplicate]

Recently (~ November 6th), the name of Musical Practice and Performance was changed to Music: Practice & Theory.* But, on data.stackexchange has not changed yet: Will it be changed? *Music SE ...
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CogSci is now Psychology.SE but SEDE isn't aware of it [duplicate]

SEDE seems to be unaware of the name change on Cognitive Sciences (to Psychology & Neuroscience). The site icon is a broken image and the text of the site name still reads "Cognitive Sciences" ...
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Is there Markdown to create tables? [duplicate]

It seems like a lot of people try to display tables in Stack Overflow questions, but don't do a very good job. Is there Markdown syntax that supports creating a proper table?
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Database schema documentation for the public data dump and SEDE

Stack Exchange releases "data dumps" of all its publicly available content roughly every three months via, and also makes that information queryable over the Internet at the ...
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A site URL changed and now its icon in SEDE is broken

This has happened before, and it's happened again, all because Cognitive Sciences recently was renamed Psychology & Neuroscience, with a change to the URL. The first thing that needs to be fixed ...
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Why does the closed beta site "Big Data" have no data dump available?

I wonder why the closed beta site Big Data has no data dump available.
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Why no softwareengineering.stackexchange data in Stack Exchange Data Dump (March 14, 2017)

I can't find softwareengineering.stackexchange data in latest Stack Exchange Data Dump (March 14). I don't know how to report this 'bug', but found a related post about missing Stack Overflow in ...
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Which SE site closes the most questions? [duplicate]

My favorite SE site gets a lot of bad questions, and a large amount of them get closed, it got me wondering if there were other SE sites that get as many bad questions, or if my chosen favorite just ...
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Site Names in stackexchange_files.xml

I am working with the StackExchange data dump, thanks ot StackExchange's splendid work, the data can not only be processed very conveniently, but also downloaded automatically, based on the files list ...
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Some sites names shown in Data Explorer Stack Exchange doesn't match the current site name. Is this a bug or a feature?

Volume 1 : TL;DR Please fix the names of the sites in Data Explorer of Community Building, Music: Practice & Theory, Medical Sciences, Mythology and Folklore, Bricks, Cross Validated and "...
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Site meta info in SEDE

This is a feature request for an additional table in SEDE consisting of at least the following site meta data: The site's primary URL. The site's SEDE URL (or its TinyName). The date of the last SEDE ...
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