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Ban URL shortening services

Related: Ban LMGTFY links | Shall we spam-flag lmgtfy-links? | URL Shorteners cleanup Ban URL shorting services from being used in questions/answers. I have three major reasons to request this: It's ...
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What's your opinion about using minified urls? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can and should Stack Overflow automatically rewrite links? I see minified urls used often, especially in comments. While they have obvious advantages, I don't like not ...
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Resolve shorturls automatically [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can and should Stack Overflow automatically rewrite links? It would be nice if SO kept a list of common url shorteners (there's a Firefox extension related to shorturls ...
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Ban LMGTFY (let me google that for you) links

I've just asked a question on Stack Overflow which was a prime candidate for googling. I admit it was a poor question and with a little bit of research I would have found the answer. It annoyed me ...
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Let Me Flag That For You - URL Shortener Cleanup [closed]

The Request I set out on the Crusade for the Holy Grail of no-redirections (named by Denilson Sá) to eliminate every shortened URL on Stack Overflow (except in comments and code). But the foreign ...
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Recent Mass Football Spam

Is something wrong with StackOverflow's spam filter? Recently there have been huge numbers of spam topics related to football streaming. They have all been spam flagged and deleted but there are more ...
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Official shortened URL service [duplicate]

I think it might be a good idea to have a URL-shortening service for each of the Stack Overflow family of sites. Since questions, and answers all have a unique id, it should be fairly easy to use ...
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URL Shorteners cleanup [closed]

In the spirit of a similar project at WebApps, how about cleaning up some URL shorteners from Stack Overflow? (184) (1533) (363) (19) (2141) (3035) (5)...
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Correct procedure for dealing with links (shortening service that pays poster)

What's the recommended approach to dealing with posts that include links shortened using AdFly. Should it the link be edited away or replaced, flagged, downvoted, or simply ignored? Unless I've ...
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Is it bad behaviour to downvote/leave a rude comment based on a question asker?

First let me state that good questions, regardless of the poster, should be treated with the respect deserved. Sometimes there are questions posted which are not puzzling, interesting or problematic (...
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How to get rid of CiteHistory crap?

I just stumbled upon this post. The bottom of the answer contained two tracking links. After editing the post I discovered that all of this user's posts contain and CiteHistory trackers. A ...
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Should "money" links like linkbucks be blocked on the Trilogy?

There has been recently a user answering (with more or less good things) to questions on Super User, with all his links to programs made by "linkbucks" (meaning he earns money on each click, because ...
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Why am I getting "Sorry, posts can't contain that content."

I was trying to add a link to a product (FastReports.NET) to this question: Fast report error Why am I getting the error "Sorry, posts can't contain that content." in that case? I found that LMGTFY ...
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Colons in link URLs, redux

So according to comments on this meta, colons in URLs are automatically encoded if they occur after string position 7. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of breaking any link which uses the ...
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Links with quotation marks are broken

I'm not sure whether this is a valid (per spec) url or not, but this url"&lp=1&type=product&cp=1&id=...
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