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Vertical alignment of tags differs between Ask page and inline tag editor

If you are trying to edit tags, spans with tags are on the middle of block: If you are trying to create new questions, top padding of this block is greater than bottom: Alternately see them ...
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Something funny happened here [duplicate] Looks like the font of the code block overflowed! (FFx, Chrome. And in IE8 it's even weider)
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Code block inside blockquote produces unnecessary error about code not being formatted [closed]

I just tried to edit a question on SO, and had the following Markdown: > [a bunch of text] ...service of remote systems. > The following XML document shows an example of an XXE attack. > ...
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Is search able to find accented characters entered as HTML entities (such as François)?

There are various ways to enter accented characters, one of them is using html. For example, I can type Gâteaux by entering Gâteaux or Gâteaux; I can type entering François by ...
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Markdown bug in preview pane (incorrect italicization) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Markdown italics with underscores look good in preview but not in answer I just ran into an interesting markdown bug with previews that I thought I'd throw out there in case ...
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How can I share an unfinished answer without using the Sandbox?

Occasionally, when I find myself working on a particularly lengthy answer, I'll want to share my answer with a friend or college to ask questions or receive feedback before posting. My typical ...
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Preview doesn't match actual answer

Today I stumbled upon an answer that wasn't properly formatted. But when I tried to edit it I noticed the preview was showing the answer with proper formatting. I feel the OP is not using the ...
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Give me a direct link to the revision history in the Activity tab

Background In the Activity tab on the User Profile page, it is possible to see revisions made by the user. Currently the links for the revisions point to the actual posts (that is to the questions /...
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Error message for HTTP image sometimes flows over into preview

When editing a post with an embedded HTTP image (example), you'll see an error message asking you to upload it to imgur or specify an HTTPS URL: However, the lack of a line break after the image in ...
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Edit message is lost after a small follow-up edit

I've noticed a glitch here: What I did was: post a very short, speculative answer did some more research, came back later and provided a working ...
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Set space after inline code environment which ends with a space in comments [duplicate]

When writing comments, it is possible to write a space after the last character of the code so that it looks like A:<space>. When writing it within a question, however, it does not work. But ...
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Font style on the second page of Sandbox Archive is broken for mobile web [duplicate]

Compare the font style in the footer of the 1st and the 2nd page of Sandbox Archive in mobile web: Arrows in page selector are also affected.
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In-site end-form links don't trigger linked question

If I want to link to question post #10 on the current site, I can link in either of these two ways: [Link text]( [Link text](/q/10) The problem is, the latter ...
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Editing on mobile UI duplicated my answer instead of editing it

I posted an answer, then decided I wanted to edit in a quotation. I did so, but it resulted in a new answer instead of an edit to my original answer. This was in the mobile view on Safari (iOS 8.1.3). ...
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How can I prevent my "trivial" answer from being converted to a comment? [duplicate]

Now that the maximum tag length has been increased to 35, I've been spending some time browsing older retag requests to see which ones can now be completed. On one such request, I tried posting the ...
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