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Formatting Sandbox

Notes: Answers will occasionally be moved to the Sandbox archive when there are too many of them. When using them to report bugs, keep an eye on the post. You may also want to take a look at the ...
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The Many Memes of Meta

Catchphrases and concepts that spread from person to person are known as memes, which, courtesy the Internet, can now explode across the Earth like a highly contagious virus (hence "going viral&...
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Should 'Hi', 'thanks', taglines, and salutations be removed from posts?

I edit a lot of posts every day. I often run across posts with 'Hi' and 'Thanks' on the top and the bottom of the post respectively. I also run across things like: --User Should these items be ...
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Is there Markdown to create tables? [duplicate]

It seems like a lot of people try to display tables in Stack Overflow questions, but don't do a very good job. Is there Markdown syntax that supports creating a proper table?
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A Terms of Service update restricting companies that scrape your profile information without your permission

Update (April 19, 2016): This change is now live. You can view the updated Terms of Service here, or read about them below. tl;dr: We’re planning to make some changes to our Terms of Service to stop ...
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<kbd> elements are way too intrusive [closed]

<kbd> is a great way to mark up text to be entered. But when you use it on Stack Exchange sites, it's really difficult to read. For instance, say I typed this sentence by starting with a Shift+F,...
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Implement ```-style (fenced) Markdown code blocks

Currently, Stack Exchange’s Markdown parser only allows four-space indents to represent code blocks: // some code // another line of code GitHub Flavored Markdown and other Markdown ...
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New top bar is coming to the Stack Exchange network

Update: See: New top bar next steps and response to feedback I'm the new product manager for the DAG team. I’m excited to announce that the top bar design that has been on Stack Overflow ...
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Add markdown support for hidden-until-you-click text (aka spoilers)

Use cases: Programming puzzles. This way the answer can be posted the same time as the question, eliminating doubt that no answer is possible for hard questions and proving that the question is not a ...
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Code block is not properly formatted when placed immediately after a list item [duplicate]

Consider the following piece of Markdown code: This is some regular text. >>> def factorial(n): ... return 1 if n < 2 else n * factorial(n - 1) ... * This is a list ...
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What HTML tags are allowed on Stack Exchange sites?

Stack Exchange sites use Markdown for questions and answers. Per the Markdown specification, intermixing HTML and Markdown markup is allowed, but not all the HTML tags are allowed, to avoid XSS. Which ...
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Can we get a gallery of unicorns?

When all's said and done today, could you post a gallery of all the animations. Even as much as I'll be voting today, I'd love to make sure I get to see all of them!
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The Stack Imgur service is no longer resizing images correctly

I noticed at the start of August 2018 that new images like no longer resize when an m is placed before .png. Original image: Auto ...
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What is a historical lock, and what is it used for?

Historical locks are sometimes applied to questions. What is a historical lock? What is the purpose of a historical lock? How are questions affected by historical locking? When is it appropriate to ...
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Can we get rid of the default text "enter image description here"?

When I just viewed this answer, I got two lines with "enter image description here" for almost 10 seconds. Then, it seems, imgur decided to provide the actual images. This happens from time to time, ...
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Replace trilogy raw links with the current question title?

It often happens that people will refer to other questions by simply pasting the full link to this question, especially on Meta. Would it be a good idea to detect such links, and replace them ...
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How can I type an underscore symbol as part of a word?

I ask this specifically because SQL Server collations contain underlines, and I couldn't find how to display them properly as part of a sentence. Only quoting them as code seems to display it properly,...
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Should a user have only one account on all SO/ServerFault/Meta sites

I think that each user should have the same user on each of the SO related sites. I'm very active in SO and have some activity in ServerFault and I don't need separate statistics for every site - just ...
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Rejection of text containing SQL statements

OK, I've been having weird problems for the last 1/2 hour trying to post an answer to a database-related question on StackOverflow, and I keep getting this result (on Firefox 3.6) The connection ...
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Is the Community user able to earn badges?

Just recently the one question that the Community user asked on MSE got up to 25 favorites. This means that Community now qualifies for the Favorite Question badge. I've waited a while, but community ...
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How do I indent text?

I presently must copy and paste Em Space,  , from a website or my profile to indent text. Any easier solution without relying on other websites? This question has probably been asked before, but I ...
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Which sites have YouTube embedding on?

My "home" Stack is Science Fiction & Fantasy, where YouTube-embedding is on, which means that a bare YouTube URL on a line by itself is automatically turned into an embedded player. Because of ...
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Why is the Community user's reach infinity?

Why does the Community user's profile have infinity in its "reached" section? It's definitely not a number. This is how it looks like:
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Should Markdown be opt-in?

After reading the hundreds of comments on Jeff's blog, and the SO blog, and the first question that was posted here, I think there may be a simple solution to most of the [perceived] usability ...
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Multiple spaces in code in comments get merged into one

Code is supposed to be exact and "as-is". Sometimes, showing two spaces is important. In a comment, it is not possible to show code with  multiple   spaces. This became apparent in this answer (see ...
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Preserve image transparency when resizing images

Whenever an image is resized on Stack Exchange using URL modifiers, any transparent elements or backgrounds will be lost in the conversion. Exactly how the missing transparency is handled can vary ...
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RTL text can mess up comment timestamps

On this answer, it looks like the user entered some Arabic text, and it caused the comment text and the timestamp to switch places:
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Markdown code snippets don't allow trailing spaces

I was answering a question on Stack Overflow and required to use a trailing space in one of my code snippets. I formatted it like so: `<a ` And it renders without the trailing space: <a ...
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Autogenerated links truncate a final closing bracket [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: URL detecting error with address like “” If a link ends with a closing bracket, the auto-generated link doesn't work. This is ...
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Double return within <sub> breaks markdown

On Cognitive Science we expect answers to include a full list of references on which the answer was based at the bottom of the question. There are a few ways in which to format this list and we haven'...
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(Flags) Leave Open ~ Declined, Looks OK ~ Disputed?

When a user raises a recommend closure flag on a question or a "not an answer" flag on an answer, the flagged posts get sent to the close votes and low quality posts review queues. However, ...
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Search for users per (part of) OpenID [closed]

Take a look at bbuser. The user has not entered a name in his profile. I don't know where the name bbuser comes from, but I assume it is somehow part of his OpenID. He appears as bbuser in questions, ...
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Please improve the auto-linking to allow square and round brackets

For example, this won't work with the linking feature:[], int) If I try and [link it][1] this is the result. [1]: ...
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Red tags in headings is hurting my eyes

When browsing through Meta, I ran across this post by Shog: ## [meta-tag:status-completed] I thought I was drunk, but immediately denied that guess. So I went on and made a test: It's ...
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Line spacing after nested bullet points is inconsistent [duplicate]

Correct duplicate: Too small indent after nested list Regarding the claimed duplicate (consecutive lists): that question was closed since it apparently follows Markdown spec in the Markdown => HTML ...
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How do I put on a widget in my own Stack Exchange profile?

I saw that someone put a widget or .gif into their profile section on Stack Overflow. How can I put on a widget in my own profile? [UPDATE]: e.g. This user added a flair widget of Stack Exchange ...
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Allow to open image in app

When post contains an image without target link: Or when target link is same as in-place link: They will be opened in-app while tapping and all is fine and I'm happy. But if target link is ...
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Remove “at least one tag is required” near the tag field

I see no reason to show “at least one tag is required” near the tag field because almost same text will be appeared if you’ll try post a question without a tag: Also it’s not truly request due to ...
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Make "The Comprehensive Formatting Test" into its own FAQ post

In the Formatting Sandbox there is one excellent answer, The Comprehensive Formatting Test. This answer gives examples of all known uses of markdown that are currently supported. Whilst the answer isn'...
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What does it mean if Community “asks” a question? [duplicate]

Just scrolling through Stack Overflow, and saw this: I looked in and the author who asked it wasn’t Community. What does this mean? The real asker’s profile picture was gray.
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What is Wrong with Code Formatting

All, I have noticed that all the code formatting for questions or answers new or old is 'flat'. That is all indentation of the code is gone even when the code has the required four-spaces allocated at ...
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Destructive formatting bug

Bad formatting bug at smokedetector page when accessed through a linked-link. The link is as follows: [] Click here to access the ...
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Fix links to moved sandbox posts and comments

Today I noticed that all answers from Sandbox were moved to archive again. I don’t know the actual reason why they were moved, but some of my bug reports have links to sandbox’s posts/comments, and ...
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Editing within grace period no longer remembers previous edit reason? [closed]

For the longest time, the previous edit summary was retained when editing the post again within the 5 minute grace period. It appears that now, that is no longer true, and it's extremely annoying. ...
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A specific combination of pre and code tags breaks the page

As a Preamble DO NOT DO THIS. If you find a bug, do remember to undo the damage and report responsibly.. I just had to edit a post(now deleted) that horribly broke the sandbox. I had to figure out ...
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Vertical alignment of tags differs between Ask page and inline tag editor

If you are trying to edit tags, spans with tags are on the middle of block: If you are trying to create new questions, top padding of this block is greater than bottom: Alternately see them ...
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Something funny happened here [duplicate] Looks like the font of the code block overflowed! (FFx, Chrome. And in IE8 it's even weider)
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Code block inside blockquote produces unnecessary error about code not being formatted [closed]

I just tried to edit a question on SO, and had the following Markdown: > [a bunch of text] ...service of remote systems. > The following XML document shows an example of an XXE attack. > ...
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Is search able to find accented characters entered as HTML entities (such as Fran&ccedil;ois)?

There are various ways to enter accented characters, one of them is using html. For example, I can type Gâteaux by entering G&acirc;teaux or Gâteaux; I can type entering François by ...
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Markdown bug in preview pane (incorrect italicization) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Markdown italics with underscores look good in preview but not in answer I just ran into an interesting markdown bug with previews that I thought I'd throw out there in case ...
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