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Meta.* sitewise certificate issue [duplicate]

There is a bug where I see a privacy error on all sites. For example, if I try to enter into my browser, I get this warning: Can ...
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Network-wide HTTPS: It's time

Update 2017-05-22 is now https://. I've written up a lot of what it took to get here in a blog post. Next up is chat and then https-only cookies. We'll be ramping up HSTS max-age ...
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TLS for meta.*, again

When Stack Exchange transitioned to HTTPS, meta.* subdomains were changed to * subdomains. The old meta.* subdomains now redirect to the new *.meta subdomains. ...
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meta.* redirection does not work

In 2017, all child Meta sites moved from meta.* to * According to Network-wide HTTPS: It's time there is an automatic redirection: We've redirected all ...
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Untrusted connection when visiting per-site meta over SSL [duplicate]

Steps to reproduce: In Firefox (with HTTPS Everywhere), visit a non-trilogy Stack Exchange site (for example, Get redirected to the HTTPS version Click on meta link (...
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Invalid SSL certificate on meta.*, can't log in without SSL [duplicate]

When I try to access meta.* via HTTPS, I get a warning: uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *...
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Meta SE's have SSL errors making it impossible to login

This is a quite serious bug, rendering all meta SE's useless (in setups similar to mine). I noticed this problem a few days ago and it's still here. I tested this on meta.bitcoin.SE and meta.math.SE ...
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Can't reach after Chrome updated to v53 unless I manually remove the https part [duplicate]

I'm on Windows 10 64-bit version 1511 (OS Build 10585.545). Recently my Chrome updated to version 53.0.2785.89 m (64-bit) and since then I get this error when entering meta ELU.SE: NET::...
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Unable to login at times on [duplicate]

This is on meta. On certain questions like Rename [screen] to [gnu-screen] I see the question but unable to put my preference or opinion on it as it says I'm logged into and ...
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