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Is there any way to favorite/bookmark an answer?

Lots of questions are very generic, "share an experience" kinds of questions. In these cases, I am quite often interested in specific answers that may not have gotten that many upvotes. ...
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Mark answer as favorite/star [duplicate]

Often times I am not interested in the question so much as I am the answer. Unfortunately, the only site option for bookmarking an optimal answer is to bookmark the question. This leaves you having to ...
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Adding Favorites to the Stack Exchange global inbox

We're considering adding favorite notifications to the global inbox, and are looking for feedback on the idea (as we're not completely sold on it). But first, some history. Favorites are kind of ...
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Favorites improvements - search, categorize, personal tags, add note, favorite answer [duplicate]

I'm a big fan of the favorites feature. I usually mark questions with good answers of code snippets for later use. Most of the time I can't find the favorite I'm looking for so quickly as desired. I ...
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Is seeing other people's bookmarks a privacy issue?

I can see that anyone can see other peoples' bookmarks. I don't care much about this, but I was thinking: is this a privacy issue? For example, someone downvoted some questions or wrote negative ...
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Can we re-request features that were declined a sufficient while ago?

As I was browsing earlier today, I really happened to like an answer to a question. The question didn't interest me so much, and the answer was actually a tangential reply to some of the comments in ...
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Would like ability to "favorite" an answer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Mark Answer as Favorite / Star I have found in several cases that while the question itself is not particularly interesting, one of the provided answers contains fantastic ...
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Allow me to save an answer [duplicate]

I browse Stack Overflow quite frequently and I often find that when I come across a helpful answer I want to be able to save the best answer for later. It would be nice if I could save those snippets/...
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Watch or favorite answers, not just questions [duplicate]

Often I will have downvoted an answer shortly after it is posted, or commented on an answer suggesting some improvement or addition, and want to follow up later and see if my input has been acted upon,...
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Favoriting Answers [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Mark Answer as Favorite / Star I was wondering if it would be possible to favorite an answer...when I favorite a question it is useful to keep track of that entire question, ...
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