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Who is the intended audience for the Stack Overflow blog?

So I can't make sense of the blog. I just don't understand who the intended audience for it is. The blog has posts about: Ads for Teams: 1, 2 Ads for other companies/organisations: 1, 2, 3, 4 ...
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Current state of the stack ignores user needs

I read the blog, I re-read it, I made notes and re-read it again, I walked away and then re-read it for a fifth and sixth time. I still found none of my concerns addressed (see end). First, there ...
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How to reply to meta questions?

What is the most appropriate way of responding to a meta post. For example, if someone has pointed out a bug, how does one reply to that. I don't normally answer questions as I am unsure what to put. ...
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What constitutes an answer on Meta?

We have plenty of guidance about what constitutes an answer on a main site. However, Meta is very different from main sites (as we all know), and I don't know of any "Not an Answer" guidance ...
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How to post a question when wanting to pass on information as opposed to ask a question?

When wanting to post on meta to facilitate communication for example: Educating people to flag spam and not vote to close It can be a challenge creating a question and in some instances, the answer ...
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Why are discussions discouraged on various SE's but a staple of their corresponding Metas? [duplicate]

Background Stack Exchange sites and their metas do necessarily serve different purposes, as depicted on the "What is Meta?" page: Meta has required tags. On the main site, we ask that you ...
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What can be done about the noisy blog posts?

I like the blog here. Or I mostly do. It used to provide useful network wide information, or some relevant programming information. Now it feels like there is 'content for content's sake' (no ...
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Has the blog become a place for advertisment?

Seeing the current disruption on MSO, I took my post here. As it is not about SO, but more about SE, albeit the background of the MSO discussion certainly plays a role. Recently SE (the company) ...
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Blog vs meta announcements

Why are important (or what is criteria?) announcements made in the blog and not on corresponding meta sites? I don't like the blog format. I do like Q&A where important problems are risen as ...
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How is WordPress used to create the site [closed]

I don't have enough experience in WordPress. All I know is we can install themes in it, make customization in the themes, create your own theme, and use it. I was reading this and found that ...
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Partner content on the blog - what's the value of these?

The Stack Overflow blog was historically a means of communication for the company to the community, and eventually ended up being a way for the company to communicate with potential users of their ...
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