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Why are people asking Stack Overflow questions on Meta Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

It's happened quite a few times. Here's a recent one. So I'm wondering, what is the scenario? Are they scrolling down to the link of sites, clicking meta and posting? Are they googling for some result,...
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Off-topic questions from new, inexperienced users: How come? [duplicate]

EDIT: This question is as suspected a duplicate, so please check out the former post. Sonic's answer explains in detail how people end asking questions on Meta. Journeyman Geek has also a question ...
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Could we get some troll fencing up around meta?

While I'm a fan of "Presume good intent" it seems unusual to see folks whose entire interest here is in how the CoC is enforced - one rep users with no accounts elsewhere. I'm noticing some patterns ...
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Block migration if user is suspended/question-blocked at destination

There's a sad little loophole in the suspension/question-block system: migrations. Example: Let's say you've been suspended on MSO, but you really, really want to post a question here now. All you ...
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Sudden increase in off-topic posts on MSE

It seems that the Updated Terms of Service message linking to the MSE post discussing it had a undesired side effect: there is a huge increase in off-topic (mostly programming) questions. (Not to ...
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Ways to give users some specific education about question quality and topicality

Important: This question is being asked here, and not on the Programmers Meta, because I believe that several SE sites suffer from this same, specific problem. On Programmers, I see a pattern ...
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Seriously. A mod won't migrate?

I posted two flags on this question: The 1st one was accepted and the 2nd one was rejected. Here is my flag requests: declined - if the user cannot work ...
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People get lost and crash into meta - maybe we need roadblocks for their safety

I used to think that Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog's idea of a survey was a terrible idea - it didn't actually fix anything, and I suspect most folks asking off-topic questions here are drivebys. On ...
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What is the cause of the recent increase in blatantly off-topic posts on Meta?

For the past few days, I have the feeling that there are a lot more blatantly off-topic questions ('lost souls') on Meta Stack Exchange. OK, that could be just a feeling, so I've created a short ...
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Let's Start An Annual Meta Survey!

No, we're not going to survey a survey, as much fun as that might be. We'd like to toss out the idea of running a survey that asks folks about their experiences here, expectations when coming here, ...
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Are users dropped in Lifeboats without Lifejackets?

IPS Meta just got a round of Lifeboat badges awarded, 5 posts have earned someone a Lifeboat. But not a single user has yet earned the Lifejacket badge, even though the criteria for getting that one ...
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The question wizard might be useful for Meta Stack Exchange too; should we give it a try?

tl;dr Due to the special nature of Meta and the high rate of "lost souls", should we try out the Ask a Question Wizard here on Meta Stack Exchange too? General idea In case anyone doesn't know yet, ...
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Is the VLQ flag appropriate for blatantly off-topic questions here on MSE?

The endless stream of blatantly off-topic questions never ceases to flow into MSE, which is a topic that's been brought up many times. I've written a userscript that automatically casts a close vote, ...
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Survey of users to judge quality and culture of an SE site

Without getting into specifics, I've noticed an extreme difference in the overall experience of a number of different Stack Exchange communities of which I am a member. Likewise I have personally ...
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How should we steer lost users?

Here is a thing I see fairly often here on Meta.SE: The question isn't remotely on-topic and was rightly, and quickly, put on hold. Somebody left a comment (not shown) pointing out what Meta.SE is ...
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