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Should we be worried by the V1 SHUTDOWN recaptcha? [duplicate]

It looks like ye old Google RECAPTCHA is being decommissioned but we still use it on Google decided to warn us with this "NUCLEAR HAZARD" style image. So, dear site owners, ...
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Data Explorer returns "Captcha Shutdown" warning [duplicate]

I tried to execute this Data Explorer query and instead of the usual Captcha message I got the following: V1 shutdown on 2018-03-31 Direct site owners to Who needs to ...
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Captcha needs urgent upgrade [duplicate]

I don't bother to log in when switching to for a quick query, but today when I did that I found the following captcha: FWIW, typing in that text does not work for me. So, ...
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Stack Exchange Data Explorer uses deprecated reCAPTCHA [duplicate]

I tried to run a query in Stack Exchange Data Explorer without being signed in. Doing so, I was presented with a reCAPTCHA that seems to be deprecated. I was running this query: https://data....
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The recaptcha on data stackexchange isn't working [duplicate]

Is this a temporary situation or something that needed to be reported?
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Recaptcha is breaking [duplicate]

I was trying to execute a query on without being logged in, and it throws up this error (screenshot): The devs might want to look into it, since this may be happening elsewhere ...
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The Many Memes of Meta

Catchphrases and concepts that spread from person to person are known as memes, which, courtesy the Internet, can now explode across the Earth like a highly contagious virus (hence "going viral&...
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Please use the new reCaptcha on the human verification dialog

I posted a question this morning and got this beauty of a Captcha: Can you read that? Go ahead, get your glasses. Still no? We can fix this: Google announced a new reCaptcha API that is captcha-less. ...
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Auto-completion during human verification on mobile [closed]

When typing the captcha for human verification on a mobile device, text completion is allowed on the input element which makes this already annoying (but necessary) task more annoying. Here is a link ...
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data.SE recaptcha error [closed]

Currently is unusable for anonymous users, with the following error message: I think I'm supposed to tell you to go to Either than or I'm ...
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The SE Data Explorer captcha is unnecessarily annoying

Whenever I try to run a query with the Data Explorer, my process is: Type the parameters for the query. Click "Run query". Click the "I'm not a robot" checkbox that suddenly ...
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