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How can I attract attention to what I see as an important problem on Meta.SE when it has already been reported? [duplicate]

Time to time I come across the following situation: I notice that something is wrong on SE and needs to change. I go to Meta.SE to find out this already have been reported by someone with little yet ...
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How do I effectively support old feature requests? [duplicate]

Clarification To me (a relatively new user) the current feature request / bug tracking system here on MSO seems to be rather chaotic and somewhat difficult to comprehend. Having had some time since ...
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How do we draw attention to our bug reports? [duplicate]

I posted this bug. It got ~35 views and 6 upvotes within a couple days of posting it. But then, people stopped viewing the question, and it hasn't really gotten any views or signs that the staff might ...
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What is Meta protocol for re-requesting ignored feature requests? [duplicate]

Sometimes a feature request is made and then, for whatever reason, time passes and it is ignored without much feedback and without being graced with "status-declined." Suppose someone else comes ...
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How can I bump unresolved case on meta? [duplicate]

I would like to ask to allow CTRL + K in in comments. However, I found I would create duplicate How can I bump it to get it resolved/accepted/declined? Editor's Note: The procedure for getting ...
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Is there a way / is it okay to bump feature requests? [duplicate]

I've made a couple of feature requests that haven't had any response from SE in a couple of months. Trivial things that would make working on the sites easier on a day-to-day basis. Is there a way, ...
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How can I improve my question asking about when an answer to an announcement marked as planned will be implemented, and have it reopened? [duplicate]

Yesterday, I asked the question Will the pluralization issue in number of bookmarks on list of bountied questions in user profile page be fixed at some point?, which in its original revision reported ...
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Way to promote a specific fix or feature request to be implemented by developers [duplicate]

Some unfixed bugs or feature requests have had many upvotes for a long time, but are still not implemented. I would like to know is there a way to expedite such implementation. For ordinary questions ...
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How to draw attention to an old unanswered question on meta? [duplicate]

I encountered exactly the same problem as described in this question on Meta: Undo the Removal of an Interesting Tag. That question was asked in 2010 and got almost no response. How could I draw an ...
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How do I draw attention to a meta post? [duplicate]

It's now a week since I have reported this bug on Chess Meta, and the question has received only 13 views. I would like to share this question, but I am also afraid this would be considered spamming. ...
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What determines the priority of feature requests? [duplicate]

Is there a "feature request triage team"? What do they consider? Does a more recent feature request get more prominence? Do more votes make a feature more likely to be considered? Is a ...
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Should Meta questions be duplicated to draw more attention to issues? [duplicate]

An assertion that "several users told you that having more questions about the same topic is actually better" caught my eye as a point for meta discussion. My response was a few comments below but ...
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Is "Authoritative reference needed" bounty a good way to bring staff's attention to a post? [duplicate]

I know that there is this post which talks about how to escalate posts to staff using status-review. But I would like to primarily discuss about "Authoritative reference needed" in this ...
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How does one request an updated header image for a particular site? [duplicate]

This question is about a minor change to a header image on the Mathematica Stack Exchange site. For background information, see: Ask the Community: Should we add "Wolfram Language" to our ...
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An Update On Creative Commons Licensing

We’d like to provide you with an update to our transition to version 4.0 of the CC BY-SA license. We realize that this is something that you care deeply about, and that our response to your concerns ...
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