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Traffic isn't updated correctly on Area51 [duplicate]

Area51 shows statistics for all the beta sites. It shows questions per day, percentage of answers etc., The statistics for visitors per day is not updated correctly on Area 51. Above are the stats ...
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Zero visitors? What happened to site analytics about a week ago? [duplicate]

This is the views section of the site analytics visible to 25k users on one of my sites: That's, uh, not correct. Our site has had its usual activity level during this time. I checked a couple ...
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Visit statistics at or near zero [duplicate]

The home page of Latin Language Stack Exchange currently shows "6 visitors/day". Alarmed by this number (instead of, say, 600 visitors per day), I visited Area 51, where the number was 3. I then ...
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Why did the Area 51 statistics on number of visits per day drop extremely down for Beta sites? [duplicate]

Recently, the number of visits per day on Beta sites dropped extremely down from thousands to units. Here are examples from Sports SE and Chess SE. Is it a bug? It seems like the values are missing ...
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What constitutes a "visit/day" on Area 51, and is it broken? [duplicate]

I am an active user of the Latin Stack Exchange. Just now, out of curiosity, I visited its page on Area 51 to see how well the site was meeting the requirements needed for full graduation from ...
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Feedback regarding under-reporting of Beta site visitors [duplicate]

Some beta sites for example DevOps and Politics display just a couple of dozens of daily visitors instead of previously many thousands. Is there a system error and if yes when will it be fixed?
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Some public beta‘s have ~0 views suddenly [duplicate]

Health.SE apparently has 1 view/day, according to Area51 (given that multipler users were active just minutes ago, this seems rather unlikely), Pets and Latin Language are even down to nil. (Pictures ...
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Can we hide the visitor stats until they're fixed?

As detailed in this question there is currently a network-wide issue impacting the visitor, views and visits statistics resulting mostly in zero amounts. Since this doesn't seem to have a quick fix—it'...
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Is Site Traffic Data Gone for Good After Fixing Previous Bug?

There was a previous bug affecting site traffic statistics showing -zero- for months (Traffic (views, visits) isn't correctly registered on Site Analytics or Area 51). This has been fixed in that ...
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Traffic is "0 visits/day" in EOS.IO beta site

There was an issue reported early, it was completed for all the sites except EOS.IO beta site. For the EOS.IO site, still I can see the 0 visitors/day in the site stats section, Area 51 and "Stack ...
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Why is half of the traffic history missing on /site-analytics on Medical Sciences?

I see on Why is half of the traffic history missing (last graph)? I exported the CSV and all values before 2018-09-02 are 0.
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Unhide visitors per day stats on beta sites' homepages

Now that the issue with visitors per day is fixed, could you please unhide the stats on the beta sites' homepages?
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Traffic and votes missing for recent days in site analytics

EDIT: it's happening again today on Meta Stack Exchange; the last Traffic data point is from Monday, November 18th, more than two days ago. On Chess.SE, the last data point is November 20th, as ...
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Why is the traffic history prior to February 2018 missing on the site analytics page here on Meta.SE?

On the site analytics page here on Meta.SE ( - requires 25k+ rep on this site), it seems that the traffic statistics history from prior to February 2018 is ...
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Is traffic from search engines included in the question view counts? [duplicate]

This should apply to all sites, but I'll write from the perspective of Arts & Crafts. According to the analytics, 93% of our site's traffic is from search engines. People don't use Google to ...
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