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Looks like the design has changed on the Users page [duplicate]

Suddenly, the design of the /users page changed like this: Other pages, such as /questions or /tags, haven't changed at all, which makes me think this might have been a premature or accidental change....
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What is the XY problem?

What is the XY problem? When asking questions, how do I recognize when I'm falling into it? How do I avoid it? Return to FAQ index Other languages: ES, JA, PT, RU
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Ch-ch-ch-changes: Left nav, responsive design, & themes

Thanks everyone for your feedback. The team has responded to feedback in the post Left nav, responsive design, and theming next steps . Check it out. Ch-ch-ch-changes are coming. As you've ...
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Why do you stay?

As I read about the Monica controversy, part of me feels very disheartened. Clearly this community means something to people, the passion in the words I read affirms that for me. At the same time ...
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What should we be looking to change and what is inviolable?

Updated note (with the original post still below the line)- Thank you, very much, for the time you've spent answering these questions. I learned a ton. In fact, as I've hinted below, I'd like to do ...
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Rollout of new network site themes

For the remainder of updates, see the tracking post: Rollout of responsive design site themes - Tracking post See updated schedule below and updated stock theme As promised (albeit delayed), we ...
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What does constructive criticism of a design change look like?

Last week we rolled out the new network theme to several sites. Some of these sites had beautiful designs previously and now have a less striking look. Unsurprisingly, the response to these changes ...
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Responsive design released for all Beta & Undesigned sites

This is now out for all of the sites We've had the new default unified theme up on Programming Puzzles & Code Golf for a month and a half now and the response there has been really positive. We ...
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What are the effective communication channels for effecting change to SE?

It seems clear at this point that MSE is not a useful mechanism for pointing out problems on SE sites and getting resolution for them. It is useful in some ways. If SE staff ask questions about ...
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2018 monthly product team updates

Mid-2017 TeamDAG started publishing monthly updates. This post will continue that effort into 2018. (See 2017's updates here.) Updates are posted at the beginning of the month. They cover what was ...
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Left nav, responsive design, and theming next steps

Those interested can now opt-in to beta testing new themes across the network. More details in Opt in to beta testing new themes In the post entitled Ch-ch-ch-changes: Left nav, responsive design, &...
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Let's take a look at the interaction between staff and the "power users" of the network

Recently, it was announced that the "Hot on Meta" questions would no longer show up on the SO sidebar. Sara Chipps elaborated a little bit on why: Stack Overflow Employees have panic ...
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Has Stack Exchange seen an outrage like the current one before?

Right now there's quite some stuff happening around the Stack Exchange network, and even spreading to outside the network itself with "The Register" covering it and other (more forum focused) sites ...
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Responsive design for international sites has been released

I am excited to announce that international sites have gotten the new responsive design Wednesday, September 26th. Last week, all beta and undesigned sites got the new theme: Some things to be ...
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Why are the sidebar stats for a question now under the title?

Very recently, past few minutes or so?, a new build was pushed out that changed the location of a question's stats from the top of the sidebar content to underneath the title. I can't exactly put my ...
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