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Some advice that I "hope" the heads of the community could consider [closed]

Hope you guys could take a minute and think about it. In my opinion, this community is "WAY TOO HARSH"!!! You guys put TOO MUCH emphasize on Do your research first before you post a question, but ...
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Under what circumstances can a user flag a post without them having at least 15 reputation?

I was going through my old posts on HSM Meta and found this one where I was informed about a user getting a Citizen Patrol badge without them even having the minimum requirement of 15 reputation for ...
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Why can't I report a bad answer on Super User?

I saw a bad answer here. I understand why, as a new user, I can't do certain things like comment. But reporting is something I should be able to do. What reason is there for limiting new users from ...
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Let post authors under 15 rep flag comments on their posts as "no longer needed"

Proposal Allow new users to flag comments on their posts as "no longer needed" (NLN), even without 15 rep. See my later suggestion (at the bottom) on how to cut down on possible abuse-cases. ...
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