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We'd like your feedback on our new Code of Conduct! [duplicate]

TL;DR: We've put together a code of conduct (CoC) that is a bit more comprehensive than our existing be nice policy because we feel that our current policy isn't meeting our needs. Some background, ...
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2014 SO Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection [closed]

In connection with the Stack Overflow moderator elections, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the ...
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The second draft of our Code of Conduct is available for feedback and review

You provided us with some really helpful feedback on our first draft attempt to expand our 'Be nice' policy into a formal code of conduct, and we're extremely grateful for your time, patience and ...
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Profile Page Makeover, Part 2: the Prototype [duplicate]

Wow, that took longer than expected (though right around the 6-8 week mark), but we finally have a semi-working prototype of the new profile page. Recap There’s a longer explanation on part 1 but ...
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Will Stack Overflow boycott GoDaddy because of their support for SOPA? [closed]

GoDaddy has apparently withdrawn their support for SOPA. Read link for more info: Go Daddy’s Position on SOPA, from their website; it is obviously yet to be seen whether they will continue to hold ...
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Responding to your "too localized" concerns

As part of our closing overhaul, we've moved, reorganized, and renamed a number of close reasons, including too localized. While that change was informed both by widespread misuse of the reason and ...
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We're Implementing an "announcement" Tag for Direct Communication From the Team

Update (Feb 17) We're going to scrap this idea as presented. This is something that had been kicked around a bit for the last few months as we considered ways to communicate "This is what we've ...
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Make it possible to prevent voting on time-limited questions in meta without a historical lock

This may be a low use-case request and there may be a better way to manage it than this request but I'd like to see what the possibilities are to make it possible to avoid using the "historical ...
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New navigation, alpha 2 released [closed]

Update: A Release Candidate has been announced Last month, we introduced a number of changes to the navigation for selected users: A new alpha-testing platform Unified question list with three tabs ...
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Should it be possible to flag questions to be closed as obsolete?

How come I can award badges to myself without meeting the requirements? was a clever meta question, but it is obsolete for several reasons (talks about a retired badge, feature I can't identify in ...
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