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Hot Meta Posts: Allow for removal by moderators, and thoughts about future improvements

We have just released a new feature for Moderators across the entire network: the ability to remove a Meta post from showing up in the Hot Meta Posts (HMP) section of the Community Bulletin on the ...
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What is the idea behind the new top header icon color?

Before After If this was intended, what's the idea behind this? More 'readable'? The change seems to be platform wide, but due to the white background color on SO it does not seem to have any ...
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Understanding the significance of the elimination of one-click transfer between main and meta

With the recent introduction of the new top bar on SO, I thought I'd ask why all the fuss over the elimination of the meta/main links. Why are some people so upset about a little extra effort to ...
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How do users navigate to Meta?

How do you expect users to: Know that a site's meta-site exists (and what it's for)? Find the hyperlink to the meta-site? I know it exists, of course, and how to get there; I'm wondering how (or ...
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Add easier links to meta sites

I am using the Worldbuilding site as an example. As of now, there is no way to easily get from the main site to meta (or back). To get there, you either have to change the URL in your browser or click ...
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Two years later: How has moving the Meta link affected Meta usage?

Two years ago the link to a site's Meta was moved from an always-visible position in the top bar to subitems in the help and Site Switcher menus, as part of the top bar redesign progressively rolled ...
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Could we bring chat and meta to the sidebar?

I do realise that there are a few posts asking for these things partially or completely - such as this and this. One of the reasons for introducing the left sidebar was that Teams could be accessed ...
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Is there a link to the corresponding meta site? [duplicate]

Do Stack Exchange sites have a link to their respective meta site somewhere?
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Asking a question pertaining to another SE site that doesn't have meta [duplicate]

There is a question that I would like to ask pertaining to another SE site (mechanics namely, and a burninate request in particular), but I have been unable to find a meta site for this (like ...
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Too many hamburgers and not enough space for icons

This is how the new responsive design looks on a narrow screen when you have a lot of stuff going on in the top bar: This is how it looks when you narrow the screen a bit: The help and the review ...
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Link to parent site on the sidebar for per-site-metas

In my opinion, the sidebar in the new theme is helpful but underused. The sidebar could be helpful, but it has too few useful links, which makes it a waste of space. One possible use of all of this ...
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Provide an easier way to find the meta of each Stack Exchange site [duplicate]

I could not find the meta of Web Applications. It should have been easier to find (I did not find it actually, I just added "meta" to the URL).
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