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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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2018 monthly product team updates

Mid-2017 TeamDAG started publishing monthly updates. This post will continue that effort into 2018. (See 2017's updates here.) Updates are posted at the beginning of the month. They cover what was ...
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Making a better image uploader

For those who don't know me, I'm a product designer here at Stack Overflow. Currently I'm working on a project called Teams (for more information about Teams and other projects, read Tim's post on ...
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The Stack Imgur service is no longer resizing images correctly

I noticed at the start of August 2018 that new images like no longer resize when an m is placed before .png. Original image: ...
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No option to upload image from URL anymore

In the old image uploader (which opened as dialog) there used to be "Upload from web/URL" option. Now in the new uploader embedded inside the editor, such option does not exist: Can this please ...
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Add an image directly from the clipboard

I've tried to find other questions covering this, but (surprisingly) I did not find any. When I want to add a screenshot to a post, as far I know the only way to do it is to save it as a file and ...
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Stack Overflow's new image uploader does not work on Mac Safari

Stack Overflow's new image uploader does not work on Mac Safari Version 12.0.1 (12606. I cannot drag and drop nor select from a list. It works fine using Firefox, Chrome and Opera. This ...
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Domain names in an URL are incorrectly encoded as escaped ASCII characters instead of punycode

Attempting to link to a site that uses non-alphanumeric characters in its domain name is incorrectly encoded to Hexadecimal "safe" characters instead of punycode. For instance, clicking on this ...
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Allow us to paste in an image from the clipboard without clicking the image button first

I love being able to paste an image from the clipboard in having clicked the insert image button, but I don't like needlessly clicking on things if I don't have to (mostly!) Currently what happens is ...
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Rollout of responsive design site themes - Tracking post

This post will be updated as the responsive design and left navigation layouts are released on each site. Previously, we tried this out by releasing still screenshots of the site designs and getting ...
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Should bug-report/feature-request *questions* that duplicate Grab-bag *answers* be closed as duplicates?

Meta Stack Exchange is seeing a fair few of these "Grab bag" questions that announce a biggish change to the sites and then encourage bug-reports and feature-requests to be posted as answers to that ...
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Automatically resize images if their file size is too large

I posted this in 2018 here and it was marked as status-deferred. It's almost three years later and this is still an issue on Gardening and Landscaping and any site where photos are used to help ...
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How is the new image uploader supposed to look?

This is how everyone else's screenshots look here: This is how it looks for me: I have tested it on the latest Firefox on Windows 10, the latest Firefox on Ubuntu 18.04, and on an extremely old ...
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What is exactly displayed on the upload progress indicator?

After updating the image upload dialog I can't actually understand what is exactly displayed on the image upload indicator. For me it looks like some randomly distributed points on the rotated ...
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How to insert image by link using touch devices?

In new image insertion dialog there is no explicit “insert image by link” action. As far as I know it’s possible by using keyboard insert hot keys like Ctrl+V on Windows. Is there a way to insert ...
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Is inserting images now completely dead? [closed]

After 'Browsing' an image, it does seem to upload, and the thumbnail appears (inside the Imgur box), but then 'Adding' returns to the text being edited without the image link being inserted. No markup ...
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Having suggestions when an image is too large to reduce size

Imagine this. You're uploading an image and then you get this error: Your image is too large and you don't know what to do. How about below adding some suggestions on what to do? I personally use ...
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Image upload dialog is not responsive, rendering it unusable on mobile

The image upload dialog looks like this on mobile: Adding the image works, but it's not possible to click the add picture button.
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Edit your profile page still uses old image uploader

Update: Turns out this was previously reported in an answer. When going to /users/edit/{UserID} on any site it still uses the old image uploader in the editor. Is this a bug? Is it intentional? Can ...
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Close button in image upload dialog is not tabbable and does nothing on user profile and in tag wikis

When editing a profile’s “About me” section, or a tag wiki, and hitting CtrlG, or clicking the “Image” button from the formatting bar to insert an image, the Imgur upload modal dialog will appear. The ...
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Enhance help on uploading images

On sites where images are helpful to answer a question such as Gardening and Landscaping or Home Improvement new users regularly try and upload images that are greater than the 2 Mb image limit. They ...
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Why is there no highlight and drag for moving blocks of text inside the input box?

When I compose or edit posts I often find that words or phrases are better suited in a different order and wish to move them. However, I am reminded by the 🚫 (prohibited) symbol that I can not do ...
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"Max 2 MiB" and "Provide a link from the web" strings overlap in the profile-pic uploader on SO in Russian

On SO in Russian, the "Max 2 MiB" and "Provide a link from the web" strings overlap in the profile-picture uploader: And when actually uploading the picture. It's fine on SO in ...
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