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What are the design elements that could be changed upon graduation of a site? [duplicate]

On the Judaism SE site, we're getting somewhat close to graduation. Talk about our design post-graduation has recently come up where community members were asked to provide some design ideas that Jin ...
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Ch-ch-ch-changes: Left nav, responsive design, & themes

Thanks everyone for your feedback. The team has responded to feedback in the post Left nav, responsive design, and theming next steps . Check it out. Ch-ch-ch-changes are coming. As you've ...
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Rollout of new network site themes

For the remainder of updates, see the tracking post: Rollout of responsive design site themes - Tracking post See updated schedule below and updated stock theme As promised (albeit delayed), we ...
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Custom question lists: finding questions you can answer

Update: Custom question lists is available for testing Once upon a time there was a feature called new navigation. Its goal was to help our most active users find the questions they can answer. "...
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What kinds of question titles put a site's HNQ presence at risk?

Last month Stack Exchange removed a site from the Hot Network Questions list across the network because of a complaint about some questions that appeared there. I'm not here to rehash that decision (...
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Underline appearing for hyperlinks

All the hyperlinks in the Post and Comments in the site are displaying with an underline. Sample link. Previously the hyperlinks are displaying without an underline. While edit the post, in the "...
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Please bring back shading to accepted answers?

The shading for accepted answers was a nice UI touch, please bring it back.
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Make "What's on topic for this site?" visible

Often, when I want to ask a question (such as now on, I wonder: "Is it on topic or not for this specific SE site?" then, I'm parsing the page visually, trying to find if ...
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What’s the redesigning campaign – in a nutshell?

On my favourite site, a new design was announced. It contained a lot of links to posts which in turn contain a lot of links, answers, timelines, and references to stuff like Teams which is not ...
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Why do some parts of the standard theme use different fonts than the rest of the site?

We've been asked why different parts of the responsive design site theme have noticably different fonts on some sites: As you can see, the logo and the question titles are in a serif font and ...
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How does the photo widget work?

The photo widget on seems to only exist on that site. My site (Arqade) has somewhat recently started doing Screenshot of the Week contests, and the widget would potentially be a good fit for ...
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Accessibility issue with some site themes

Since I haven't had success posting in the appropriate thread of Academia's meta, I've decided to try here. It's an appropriate place for this issue anyway since, although it's not quite as bad, I ...
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Can meta-style 'required tags' be implemented on non-meta sites?

Disclaimer: This is a support question solely to see if such a feature exists, and not a feature-request to ask for its implementation. If possible, I'd love it if we could focus on whether the ...
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Gold Badge Design

Would it be possible to change the gold badge shape/style or something. I have a monitor that is really f-in bright and with the new white background badges, I have a hard time distinguishing gold and ...
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Rollout of responsive design site themes - Tracking post

This post will be updated as the responsive design and left navigation layouts are released on each site. Previously, we tried this out by releasing still screenshots of the site designs and getting ...
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