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What is the "daily reputation cap"? [duplicate]

This is really a mystery for me. What is the "daily reputation cap" that is required to get Epic, Legendary, and Mortarboard badges?
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Clarification about daily cap and accepted answers [duplicate]

I read in FAQ about daily cap limit and that it does not include accepted answers. However it can be read in 2 ways: The 15 points for accepted answer is not included The upvotes on accepted answer ...
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What is the new daily reputation cap? [duplicate]

What is the daily reputation cap after the reputation scoring changes? I've noticed that since these changes occurred I still get reputation from upvotes (not accepted answers) even after the 200 ...
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Reputation frozen? [duplicate]

I started this day with reputation of 595. Durung the day several of my answers were upvoted quite a few times. But my reputation the whole day stayed planted firmly at precisely 595. No changes ...
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Upvote increases rating with +2 [duplicate]

Mates, I'm wondering why was my rating increased by +2 after I had received a downvote. Or it's something that is supposed to happen (by rules) when a downvote is received ?
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Did the reputation cap change recently? [duplicate]

I've reached the reputation cap 1 hour ago (200), but a minute ago I received an upvote for an answer which is not an accepted one and now I have 210. Is this a bug or the rep cap was changed recently?...
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I'm not getting reputation from all votes [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Missing credits for answer What is the daily reputation cap and how can I hit it? How does "Reputation" work? I am seeing something a little odd in my Stack ...
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If a user gets 30 up votes on his answer, will he get remaining 100 reputation tomorrow? [duplicate]

We all know that You can earn a maximum of 200 reputation per day. So if a user gets 30 up votes on his answer today, he can only get 200 reputation today. But what about the rest 100 reputation, ...
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Reputation not rewarded [duplicate]

Why was I not rewarded with the reputation for the 3 upvotes?
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Strange behaviour on an old answer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the daily reputation cap and how can I hit it? How do I read the history of my reputation? On July the 13th on [user:69339] history, under Stack Overflow, it can be ...
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Why is my reputation not getting counted? [duplicate]

Can any one help me out? I am receiving upvotes on my answers and questions but reputation is not getting added. Please have a look at the below imags: Is there any limitation that I am not aware of?...
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Reputation calculation doesn't work properly [duplicate]

I earned 6 upvotes for this question's answer, but, 3 * 10 was added to my reputation. I'm attaching the reputation tab screenshot, you can check in the question votes and reputation given. Under the ...
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After getting voted up on my question I am not notified & confused [duplicate]

My question got 22 votes up, but there is only 190 reputation points... better see the pics... All votes are counted about last 4 hours (today). Picture One Picture Two
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How did I exceed the daily reputation limit? [duplicate]

I didn't even know there was a daily reputation limit until I earned this badge today, and I appear to have exceeded it already. Curious.
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Why is the reputation page not showing + or - reputation points for this question? [duplicate]

On seeing @Glorfindel's Reputation page, there is no reputation change for the highlighted question. First I thought it might have been undownvoted, but it says upvote. But there is no +5 ...
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