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Clarification about daily cap and accepted answers [duplicate]

I read in FAQ about daily cap limit and that it does not include accepted answers. However it can be read in 2 ways: The 15 points for accepted answer is not included The upvotes on accepted answer ...
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Inconsistent reputations [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I read the history of my reputation? I see some [blank] and inconsistent reputations with the real upvotes here for 2012-08-20 Is this an expected behaviour or some ...
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Reputation frozen? [duplicate]

I started this day with reputation of 595. Durung the day several of my answers were upvoted quite a few times. But my reputation the whole day stayed planted firmly at precisely 595. No changes ...
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Is there a limit to the amount of reputation points you can get from one question?

I was wondering is there a limit to the amount of reputation points one question can receive and if not, what the highest you have ever seen or heard of?
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Missing Reputation Badge

My answer in this post What is ImmutableArray in c# receives 4 votes. Answer Badges rules of SO says: Nice Answer: Answer score of 10 or more Good Answer: Answer score of 25 or more According ...
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What is the "daily reputation cap"? [duplicate]

This is really a mystery for me. What is the "daily reputation cap" that is required to get Epic, Legendary, and Mortarboard badges?
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I'm confused about the "epic" badge

It says "Hit the daily reputation cap on 50 days." What exactly does it mean?
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Reword explanation for Epic badge

I had no idea what "Hit the daily reputation cap on 50 days" meant. I had to come here for an explanation. Can you kindly reword it to something like "Hit the daily reputation cap 50 times". [...
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Upvote increases rating with +2 [duplicate]

Mates, I'm wondering why was my rating increased by +2 after I had received a downvote. Or it's something that is supposed to happen (by rules) when a downvote is received ?
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What is the association bonus, and how does it work?

I was just awarded +100 reputation on all of my Stack Exchange accounts. What is this bonus for? It simply says "Association Bonus" on my reputation overview. Also: What privileges does the ...
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Will the reputation I retrospectively gain count toward my "rep cap" badge? [duplicate]

As of today, receiving an upvote on your question will give you 10 points of reputation instead of 5. The whole reputation of any user is being recalculated and is taking into account the "200 daily ...
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Mortarboard and daily maximum

As I wasn't awarded with this badge when reaching over 200 daily reputation I started to wonder why. It turned out that site association bonus is excluded. Although the information at what is ...
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Query regarding an user's reputation cap detail

Today I see an user's reputation tab, where the user received +201 reputation from upvote. Regarding reputation cap, as I aware we can still earn rep beyond the cap by winning a bounty, accepting an ...
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Why is rep-cap count not increased even it seems I hit rep-cap?

Today, on Movies & TV, it seems that I hit rep-cap as reputation from upvotes is no longer countable. I also have an unaccept, which caused loss of 15 rep. However, my rep-cap count, i.e. Epic ...
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Reputation not rewarded [duplicate]

Why was I not rewarded with the reputation for the 3 upvotes?
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What is the new daily reputation cap? [duplicate]

What is the daily reputation cap after the reputation scoring changes? I've noticed that since these changes occurred I still get reputation from upvotes (not accepted answers) even after the 200 ...
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Reputation calculation doesn't work properly [duplicate]

I earned 6 upvotes for this question's answer, but, 3 * 10 was added to my reputation. I'm attaching the reputation tab screenshot, you can check in the question votes and reputation given. Under the ...
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User is serially voting for me.. What to do? [duplicate]

Let me explain. There is a user with just 20 rep voting on every answer/comment I post on Stack Overflow. In my reputation overview I can see I'm not earning any rep anymore after just a few votes by ...
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Strange behaviour on an old answer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the daily reputation cap and how can I hit it? How do I read the history of my reputation? On July the 13th on [user:69339] history, under Stack Overflow, it can be ...
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Why is my reputation not getting counted? [duplicate]

Can any one help me out? I am receiving upvotes on my answers and questions but reputation is not getting added. Please have a look at the below imags: Is there any limitation that I am not aware of?...
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What exactly is the process to earn Hat Trick hat? [duplicate]

I am changing my hat on profile for three different days wearing different hats. I also earned hats on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Still I have not got this hat.
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Did the reputation cap change recently? [duplicate]

I've reached the reputation cap 1 hour ago (200), but a minute ago I received an upvote for an answer which is not an accepted one and now I have 210. Is this a bug or the rep cap was changed recently?...
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Jon Skeet rep-capping at <200 pts, but then later getting points for upvotes up to 200? [duplicate]

I know about the daily reputation cap and according to the answer in that question: Any upvotes you receive after earning 200 reputation from upvotes for the day no longer award any points. But ...
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Why upvotes does not counted? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does “Reputation” work? Upvotes to my answers @ SO are frozen for couple of hours - is it an intended behavior?
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I'm not getting reputation from all votes [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Missing credits for answer What is the daily reputation cap and how can I hit it? How does "Reputation" work? I am seeing something a little odd in my Stack ...
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If a user gets 30 up votes on his answer, will he get remaining 100 reputation tomorrow? [duplicate]

We all know that You can earn a maximum of 200 reputation per day. So if a user gets 30 up votes on his answer today, he can only get 200 reputation today. But what about the rest 100 reputation, ...
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Reputation increases beyond daily reputation limit if a downvoted answer gets deleted

I've seen this happening several times: I downvote an answer (and thereby my reputation decreases by one point); I reach the daily reputation limit; the answer that I downvoted gets deleted (or I ...
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Remove design deficiencies in reputation cap: when the limit imposed is effectively below 200

Previously I had an HNQ answer, gained a lot, hit the cap and the upvotes kept coming. Then I got a downvote and the clock was reset with +198. Frustrating, but almost explained to be understable in ...
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After getting voted up on my question I am not notified & confused [duplicate]

My question got 22 votes up, but there is only 190 reputation points... better see the pics... All votes are counted about last 4 hours (today). Picture One Picture Two
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Daily reputation is not counted correctly on profile page [duplicate]

As we all know, we can achieve an Epic and Legendary badges when we hit the daily reputation cap of 200 points per day for 50/150 times. The question is - which points count here? Just the upvotes ...
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Why is the reputation page not showing + or - reputation points for this question? [duplicate]

On seeing @Glorfindel's Reputation page, there is no reputation change for the highlighted question. First I thought it might have been undownvoted, but it says upvote. But there is no +5 ...
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Upvote an answer with accepted [duplicate]

I received 4 upvote on an answer with accepted but I received 35 Reputation only. It should be 55. Why I received only 35? Any reason?
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Forgotten reputation point? [duplicate]

Today, I answered to many questions and I won points with up votes or validated answers. But, when I go in the reputation tab of my user page, I can see some up votes are not counted. For example, I ...
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How did I exceed the daily reputation limit? [duplicate]

I didn't even know there was a daily reputation limit until I earned this badge today, and I appear to have exceeded it already. Curious.
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Upvote reputation was not added with my Account [duplicate]

See the above Image its my account .Two question upvote reputation not added with my account.But the answer reputation was added. Any body explain why? and Whats the reason?
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