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How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion?

What circumstances can cause a question or answer to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? How can a post be deleted? When can't I delete my own post? Can I still see my post even after it's ...
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Meaning of downvotes in Meta vs Main sites?

Upvotes are easy on both Main and Meta sites. You like something, you vote it up. Downvotes are trickier. On Main down-voting a question means that the question is a poor one. Poor meaning badly ...
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What is the "meta effect"?

I often hear the term "meta effect" on many meta SE sites. What is the meta effect? I have Googled it but can't find anything about it on any meta site.
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Do some Stack Exchange sites have nicer cultures than others? How does one develop a positive culture in beta?

Do some Stack Exchange sites have nicer cultures than others? How does one develop a positive culture in beta and afterwards? What makes an SE culture decline in civility (even in long run, and ...
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Is downvoting a well-written question by a beginner OK? [closed]

Recently, I've noticed that a lot of C++ questions get downvoted within minutes of them being asked. It must be the season of exams as we do see a lot of basic questions being passed by. To me, that ...
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How many downvotes to push an active question off the "active" list?

I just noticed that the question: doesn't appear in the "active" list. If this ...
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How do I ask a good question without getting struck by the hammer of downvotes? [duplicate]

I've been asking questions here for 8 months and every time I try to ask a question it either gets downvoted within 10 minutes and people say that "you're just looking to gain reputation" ...
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Should (and could) we require the tour badge (and/or rep) to give answers?

We (SE, in general) get dozens of spam/bad answers almost every day. In particular, I'm interested in the ones from bots. Would it be worthwhile to require some minor limitation to post answers? I'm ...
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Prompt when I accept my answer within 2 days seems miswritten?

When I try accept my answer, I see a prompt: You can accept your own answer in 2 days Is this miswritten for "you can not accept your own answer in 2 days"? See also: Why must I wait two days ...
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On which site is it easier to earn reputation? [closed]

From my experience, it's fairly easy to earn 200 reputation a day on Stack Overflow if you write a few decent answers. Meanwhile, it's incomprehensibly hard to earn 200 rep on Android Enthusiasts a ...
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