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Hot Network Question is macabre. What are the standards for Hot Network Questions? [duplicate]

Not sure how I report/flag a "hot network question" or even if I have the reputation to. However, the "Husband stepped on cats head now she hates him" question is on the "Hot Network Questions" ...
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Questions from SO in Russian is still on Hot Network Question list

According to this question: Questions from ru.SO shouldn't become hot entire ruSO site shouldn't become hot. But I just saw the following while searching MSE: Direct link to the question on ...
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Japanese SO question appears in HNQ [duplicate]

Well, it looks like it's that time of the year again! This post appears in HNQ. It probably shouldn't, for reasons discussed previously. Related: HNQ has been hacked by the Russians, Should "...
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What's with the uptick in blatantly off-topic posts lately?

Generally, we tend to get around a few blatantly off-topic questions here on this site because...reasons. However, yesterday and today (UTC), I noticed that the number of off-topic questions had ...
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An HNQ that's 21 days old? [duplicate]

This question appears on the HNQ list right now (I've posted a screenshot here, with the quetion I mentioned, circled in yellow, in case you wanted to see it). What surprised me was that the question ...
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Could there be a self-edit threshold that precludes a question from getting on the HNQ list?

I had to check out this question this morning in my moderatorial duties, and I was a little grieved to see it hit the HNQ at some point after it was asked, but certainly after the OP had edited it ...
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Revisiting the "Hot Network Questions" feature, what are our shared goals for having it?

Thanks for your input here and elsewhere on Meta. Please see the results of this discussion on the update post: Updating the Hot Network Questions List - now with a bit more network and a little less &...
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