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What's with this weird design and stars coming out of my mouse pointer? [duplicate]

My Stack Overflow gives me a weird design and stars coming out of my mouse pointer. WTF? How do I get rid of them?
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Checking in with the Lavender community

Lavender mods had written a letter to SE pertaining to their issues. They asked roughly for three things: Pay attention to the complaints by LGBTQ+ users about disrespect Consequences for ...
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How to disable "time travel" entirely?

Every time I open a question I get this oh so funny 90s feel with scrollers and whatnots. In every question I need to click it off. The button seems to only work for the specific page I load; loading ...
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Will there be an option to permanently keep this year's April Fools design active?

In light of the recent site redesigns, I was amazed at how much I liked the design of this year's April Fools prank. It looks so bad that it is hilariously awesome. A lot of questions have been posted ...
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Does not work on Netscape Navigator 3.0

FROM: tigerjieer <[email protected]> SUBJECT: Does not work on Netscape Navigator 3.0 NEWSGROUPS: alt.stackexchange.meta Finally, after 20 years of suffering, StackOverflow now claims ...
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Why am I welcomed to Stack Overflow rather than to Stack Exchange when I am on another Stack Exchange site?

I noticed that when I am in a Stack Exchange site other than Stack Overflow, I always get the: WELCOME TO STACKOVERFLOW when the April fool joke happens. For example, a screenshot when I am in ...
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Is this year April fool joke really welcoming? Are we joking about technology or people?

I think by now almost everyone using the site has already seen the fake "90's style" redesign that was created as an April Fool joke. Many words were already spent discussing about it. From people ...
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Looking back at the Time Machine

This year Microsoft banned April Fools, which deprived the internet of their unique sense of humor as illustrated by Clippy and Windows 9. Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange users were not so lucky. ...
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Has there ever been a picture of Sparkles the Unicorn?

I'm wondering if there has ever been a photo of Sparkles the Unicorn on Winter Bash. Also, is there a particular reason that the Sparkles-related pages aren't formatted in Winter Bash style?
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Remove UI restriction against unprotecting questions less than 24 hours old

It's that time of the year again; no, I don't mean April Fools, I mean a question with a lot of posts by users who are new to Meta. These posts are explicitly open to new users. Like the contests last ...
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Unicorn shows butt only when sidebar disabled [closed]

When my friend shouted "UNICORNS" when I told him about the cool new April Fool's styling, I didn't understand why he said that. Since unicorns are such magical creatures it'd be very rare to spot ...
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