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Why is Stack Exchange allowing Google ads though they have their own profitable revenue model via [duplicate]

Why is Stack Exchange allowing Google ads though they have their own profitable revenue model via I mean, I just recently saw Google ads here. Don't you think it adds ...
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Why were the Code of Conduct changes received so negatively, and what can / could have been done to change that?

The announcement of the Code of Conduct changes had a score of -1922 (with 2371 downvotes). I can't remember a change announcement being received so negatively; it's an order of magnitude higher than (...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Moderation Strike update: Data dumps, choosing representatives, GPT data, and where we’re holding

Update On August 2nd, 2023, negotiations between community representatives and representatives of the company concluded with an agreement being reached. The details of the agreement can be found at ...
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What should we be looking to change and what is inviolable?

Updated note (with the original post still below the line)- Thank you, very much, for the time you've spent answering these questions. I learned a ton. In fact, as I've hinted below, I'd like to do ...
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Should the weight of question upvotes be increased network-wide?

Stack Exchange has expressed an interest in increasing the reputation earned from question upvotes from 5 to 10 on all sites. Do you think this is a good idea?
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We're enabling display ads on select Stack Exchange sites

We knew that the Stack Exchange Network would eventually play a bigger role in contributing to the financial end of our business, but we didn't know how long that would take. Turns out, it was roughly ...
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Stack Overflow for Teams is now free for up to 50 users, forever [closed]

Today we’re launching our Free plan on Stack Overflow for Teams. We know that sharing knowledge and async collaboration is critical to companies and teams of all sizes. We also know people need a good ...
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Checking in with moderators that suspended their activity

As of December 24th, 2019, there seem to be maybe 24 moderators who suspended activity and are still in that state as a result of the ongoing fiasco centered around SE's firing of Monica Cellio. ...
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Affiliate Ads Are Coming To The Network

Some time ago, we announced that certain SE sites will have advertising enabled. This has gone well and we're extremely thankful to everyone for their support and feedback. Because it has been ...
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CEO Blog: The Way Forward

Hello members of the Meta Community - Hope you all are staying safe during these unprecedented times. I wanted to share my quarterly blog post that I wrote today: The Way Forward: Three months ago,...
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What are the most upvoted/downvoted questions and answers on the sites?

What are the most downvoted questions and answers on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Meta, and Super User history to date? Similarly, what are the most upvoted questions and answers on SO, SF, Meta, ...
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Please don't refer to 2019 as 'a great year'

There's a bug on the Winter Bash 2019 homepage: Stack Exchange invites you to celebrate the end of a great year …with HATS! As you use your site, you'll discover hats and other items hidden behind ...
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Ads on SE sites are excessively animated, irrelevant, dubious and resource-intensive

SE had very high standards for ads on Stack Overflow, ads were curated, generally static images and well-behaved. I found the stance SE took on acceptable ads admirable, and they certainly left some ...
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Has Stack Exchange seen an outrage like the current one before?

Right now there's quite some stuff happening around the Stack Exchange network, and even spreading to outside the network itself with "The Register" covering it and other (more forum focused) sites ...
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