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Testing == telerik? [duplicate]

I am seeing "Telerik" for testing. This is right. You should not doing for money. Does it mean that testing = Telerik? If you are getting money then You cant do like this .. These are my thoughts: ...
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What is "rg" and why is it sponsoring the "performance" tag? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: What does rg mean? Should tags that represent concepts be sponsorable? I saw a tag with an "rg" icon - I had no idea what "rg" referred to, so I clicked to the tag's page - ...
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Telerik sponsored tags are just wrong [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should tags that represent concepts be sponsorable? Recently I've been observing the huge amount of tags Telerik is now sponsoring. My question is this: Is it right for a ...
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I think it's inappropriate to have a .NET company "occupy" generic tags like "testing" and "unit-testing" [duplicate]

I'm a bit frustrated by the fact that [testing] and [unit-testing] are now branded with Telerik's logo. Not because I have something against Telerik (it is a company from my country and I know people ...
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Suggestion: Do not allow Sponsorship of general tags or tags related to products not owned [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should tags that represent concepts be sponsorable? The one that most irks me is Red Gate sponsoring performance. It is clearly a general tag, intended to be used for any ...
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Adobe-sponsored tags [closed]

Whoa! Very cool. A welcome and smart way to bring users and company together in a way that benefits everyone involved - exactly the kind of advertising we need more of. Is this something that'll be ...
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What do icons on the tags mean?

What does an icon on the tag mean, for example the "rg" before the sql-server tag as pictured below? Return to FAQ index
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Limits for self promotion, round III

The chat has come across a case where one user does something similar to Ira. From the few of his recent answers I looked at, it seems he hasn't done it as badly as Ira Baxter did. But then he goes ...
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"Doris knows HTML5" - who is she?

I just noticed that the html5 tag has a new icon: I searched on Stack Overflow and Google for her. Apparently, she once showed up in an advert. Other than that, I know nothing about her. Who is Doris,...
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How can I promote a self-written tool on StackOverflow? [duplicate]

Over the last months, I was working on several API backends and I couldn't find a simple tool to quickly create API requests and view the results. (Other than writing blocks of javascript or long curl ...
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Tag Wiki - a better way to find it

The tag wiki feature is starting to gain some traction: google-maps, php, c#, c, c++,, vb6, asmx, javascript, wcf, cocoa, visual-studio, latex, clojure, c++0x, delphi, subjective, r, python, ...
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Is it really ok to sponsor a tag associated with a competing product?

I just noticed that the git tag is currently being sponsored by Plastic SCM, which as far as I understand, is a competing product. Is it really kosher to have the first thing you see when visiting a ...
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Why is there a NVIDIA logo in the [GPU] and [GPGPU] tags? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What do icons on the tags mean? I'm not sure if this is a very recent change, but I have noticed that some of the tags I follow (CUDA, GPU and GPGPU) have the NVIDIA logo ...
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ASP.NET sponsorship [closed]

I'm not fussed if this gets closed or whatever, but seeing the DevExpress logo on the ASP.NET tag just makes me angry! I know they paid or chose and it's the same with all tags...but IS a ...
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Synonyms and icons for bug tracking tags

I think the bug-tracking tag should be a synonym of the issue-tracking tag. I don't think that either of those tags should use the youtrack tag's icon (unfair competition). Should the bug-tracker tag ...
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