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Stack Overflow is doing me ongoing harm; it's time to fix it!

Over the last month, Stack Overflow has violated its own policies and precedents to cause egregious and unnecessary harm to me -- to my reputation (personal and professional), to my health, and to my ...
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Why is SE removing links and community ads about a legal fund campaign?

Stack Exchange staff will actively remove links to a legal fund campaign from user profiles, posts, and comments, as well as community ads surrounding Monica's situation and reinstatement. Why? [This ...
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Electronic opt-out, correcting miscommunication, and additional questions answered about the 2018 ToS update

We’ve listened to what you’ve been telling us about the arbitration clause that our most recent ToS update introduced. While we can't incorporate all of the feedback you offered, we did listen to it, ...
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Creative Commons Licensing UI and Data Updates

When we last updated you to clarify concerns and answer questions about our transition to version 4.0 of the CC BY-SA license we committed to posting updates to the UI and addressing unanswered ...
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How can we help Monica Cellio?

Monica's demotion as a moderator was in the words of Stack Exchange's CTO a procedural error . The consensus among witnesses and users is that the faulty process resulted in an erroneous outcome. ...
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Why do people object to the license change so strongly despite having preference towards the proposed new license (CC 4)?

I noticed that many are happy to have their content (questions and answers) published under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license, which was proposed recently, but received a great backlash. The last time ...
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Is the re-licensing situation perceived as much less important than Monica's defamation lawsuit? [closed]

When one compares the two (currently) relevant GoFundMe pages Defend Monica from Defamation by Stack Overflow and Lawsuit against Stack Exchange relicensing it is obvious that the first one attracts ...
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What new things can be done to increase participation in MSE?

There are concerns that MSE participants are a tiny and potentially unrepresentative subset of the community. What can we do to increase participation on MSE by users of other Stack Exchange sites, ...
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In which context would the difference in licensing rules between CC SA 3.0 and CC SA 4.0 actually matter?

Currently there's a big controversy over SE changing the licensing from CC 3.0 to CC 4.0. Regardless of whether this change was legally solid or not, could someone provide a specific example of how ...
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Does SE need to switch to CC-BY-SA 4.0?

User contributions to Stack Exchange sites are licensed under Creative Commons; share alike, with attribution required. The version is 3.0, see cc-wiki in the footer. However, the most current ...
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Are there any guidelines for changes of this magnitude?

By now most people are aware that the value of question upvotes was changed, and millions of reputation points were retroactively awarded. For the purposes of this question let's ignore any debates ...
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Should Stack Exchange switch to CC BY-SA 3.0? [duplicate]

Currently, Stack Exchange sites use the CC BY-SA 2.5 license. There's a lot of content (not the least of which is Wikipedia) under the newer 3.0 version of this license. Content licensed under 2.5 ...
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What is the status of the secure electronic opt-out of the mandatory arbitration that was promised?

In the comments of this post, Tim Post responds to my request for a "secure, electronic means" of the opt-out of mandatory arbitration with the following @jhpratt And you'll get one. And a lot of ...
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Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow have moved to CC BY-SA 4.0

Effective today, all Subscriber Content on Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network will be available under the terms of version 4.0 of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) ...
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