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Feature request: Add pronouns to usercards? [duplicate]

One of the questions people have raised about the new rules about pronouns is how users will know what pronouns are preferred. We've had a trolling question which got quite an edit history when the ...
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Expanded usercards for all users [duplicate]

I know the expanded usercard is a privilege given to established users. However, it would be much more useful if you could see some basic profile information of any user without having to go to their ...
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All usercards expand? [duplicate]

I found out that even the users less than 1000 rep has expanded usercards, like me. In the privilege of the established user, the usercard section is gone. When did this change apply?
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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What does the Code of Conduct say about pronouns?

Please leave any feedback or questions about this FAQ on this other post. Two weeks ago, we updated The Code of Conduct to directly address concerns over pronoun usage. We tried to anticipate likely ...
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Design Vision Updates to the User Card

Background As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the design of the platform, which so far has included colors (original post and follow-up) and border-radius adjustments, we're now focusing on ...
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Why is the expanded usercard considered a privilege? [closed]

Why cannot a user below 1000 reputation points have an expanded usercard? I'm aware of what is mentioned on Privileges page. It says only an Established User can make his/her expanded usercard ...
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Disable links on expanded user card for users with less than 15 rep

Links on "About me" and "Website link" are disabled for users with less than 15 rep due to potential spammers (ref: Jeff's answer). However, links on expanded user card are still ...
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Pronoun-specific field in profile (that also shows up in hovercard)

Edit/Preface A lot of the objections so far, especially in the comments, seem to be 'this isn't useful to me, therefore it's not useful.' I would like to edit to clarify that I, and I think most LGBTQ+...
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Profile preview does not work for all posts

If you know, there is something like popover in all posts' authors area. So when I hover the author's avatar, I get some information about him. So, this does not work for all posts.
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What is the point of the "Established User" privilege on meta SE? [duplicate]

You can see the vote counts at only 100 reputation here. As far as I understand, all it lets you do is see vote counts. But here on meta it adds no new abilities, so all it is is a confusing privilege ...
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"Create posts" privilege page lists incorrect minimum character length (in "About me" summary) required for expanded usercard to be shown

When the expanded user cards privilege was made universal, the minimum summary comment length was reduced from 28 characters down to 6 in 2020. However, the create posts page in the help center still ...
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<!-- summary --> comments don’t produce user cards anymore

If I add a <!-- summary: custom card content --> block to my “About Me”, it seems to disable my user card entirely. Alternatively, support: was this feature removed? I can’t find any mention of ...
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Information about expanded usercards in the 'create posts' privilege page refers to a drop shadow which is no longer present

In the create posts privilege in the Help center it says (emphasis mine): Expanded usercards When anyone is viewing your usercard on a question, an answer, or on the users list, they may hover over ...
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The expanded user card is not being displayed to me. What I'm missing? As of August 2023, are there system or privileges requirements?

The expanded user card is not showing when I mouse hover on any question and answer user card. I have looked at top users and staff I know that have set information in the About section of their user ...
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