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Firing mods and forced relicensing: is Stack Exchange still interested in cooperating with the community?

The last weeks and days have seen some erratic behaviour by Stack Exchange Inc., such as likely illegal changes to the content license and the firing of an upstanding community moderator with no ...
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Why were the Code of Conduct changes received so negatively, and what can / could have been done to change that?

The announcement of the Code of Conduct changes had a score of -1922 (with 2371 downvotes). I can't remember a change announcement being received so negatively; it's an order of magnitude higher than (...
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Monica's situation continues unresolved. Is SE hoping the problem just goes away?

This surfaced in the apology thread, but I believe it deserves more exposure. The apology thread was posted October 6th, 2019. In it, the idea was expressed that SE, the company, had done wrong by ...
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Why taking responsibility for other people's feelings doesn't work

The whole kerfluffle around pronouns centers around a singular premise. This premise was first asserted in the "Stack Overflow is Not Very Welcoming, it's Time for That to Change" blog post: Too ...
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Checking in with the Lavender community

Lavender mods had written a letter to SE pertaining to their issues. They asked roughly for three things: Pay attention to the complaints by LGBTQ+ users about disrespect Consequences for ...
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What can we do, as a community, to help make MSE a friendlier place again?

MSE is burning, there is fire everywhere. I'm terrified every time I write a question over here and I make myself ready for a fight every time I write an answer. I don't dare to look at comments or ...
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Could we get some troll fencing up around meta?

While I'm a fan of "Presume good intent" it seems unusual to see folks whose entire interest here is in how the CoC is enforced - one rep users with no accounts elsewhere. I'm noticing some patterns ...
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Recent color contrast changes and accessibility updates

Last month, we kicked off an initiative around accessibility. We made the announcement on MSO because originally we had intended for the rollouts to only happen on SO and on the Teams product. Once ...
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Is SE still safe for queer/trans folks? [duplicate]

Regarding the firestorm that was Monica's firing, mods resigning, SE non-apologizing, then backpedaling, then apologizing, then putting out the wildly negatively received FAQ on the new CoC regarding ...
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Could you tell me what was rude about my answer and how I can avoid making the same mistake in future?

Yesterday, I posted a now deleted answer to Does Stack Exchange, Inc. really care about the LGBTQ+ community?. It has been removed by the Community user with a penalty of loosing 100 rep which ...
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Why was “What did Monica do to violate the CoC” deleted?

What did Monica do to violate the CoC? Was asking what Monica had done to violate the CoC, the alleged reason for her dismissal. Tim Post briefly posted an answer of “We don't discuss these things ...
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Does the company want to enforce CoC irrespective of the backlash it received?

It has been a week since [now deleted] was announced and made a faq immediately. Since it was posted, it received a major backlash. It stands as 378/1976 ...
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