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Firing mods and forced relicensing: is Stack Exchange still interested in cooperating with the community?

The last weeks and days have seen some erratic behaviour by Stack Exchange Inc., such as likely illegal changes to the content license and the firing of an upstanding community moderator with no ...
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Stack Overflow is doing me ongoing harm; it's time to fix it!

Over the last month, Stack Overflow has violated its own policies and precedents to cause egregious and unnecessary harm to me -- to my reputation (personal and professional), to my health, and to my ...
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Monica's situation continues unresolved. Is SE hoping the problem just goes away?

This surfaced in the apology thread, but I believe it deserves more exposure. The apology thread was posted October 6th, 2019. In it, the idea was expressed that SE, the company, had done wrong by ...
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SE Inc. Director of Public Q&A retweets bad-faith, misrepresentative tweet

As we all know, SE Inc. has engaged in highly problematic and widely criticized actions against the SE community and specific moderators. Earlier today (Oct 11th, 2019), Ms. Sara Chipps, "...
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To reach out: on Monica, the Lavender community, and the future of the Stack Exchange network

Edit: While I do stand by my personal opinion that Monica did not intend harm, I regret posting this as if my position as a queer nonbinary person allowed me to speak for whether or not Monica Did ...
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Under what circumstances will Stack Exchange, Inc. share private/sensitive information with the press?

What are Stack Exchange, Inc.'s policies regarding whether and when private or sensitive information will be shared by the company with the public, and particularly with the press? By "private ...
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Open hostility from SE staff towards the community - trying to understand it

Upon multiple occasions SE staff members have expressed open hostility towards the community as a whole, as well as towards specific members of the community. Specific references are avoided here ...
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I am sorry. Please, accept my apology

To the Community Team and those behind them. To the developers and those who assist them. To any Stack Exchange employee who might have read something I said out of anger and took it personally. I am ...
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Does Stack Exchange have a responsibility to protect the rights of their volunteers?

The question is focused on the company's responsibility for taking action without just cause against an appointed moderator on Meta Stack Exchange (herein called SE). There is a moderator contract ...
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Was Monica's firing intended to "disrupt the status quo"? [closed]

After following this from a distance for a while, I came across a fascinating comment: Interestingly, the entire genesis of this (at least publicly) was discussed at 32:00m on the #causeascene ...
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Has Stack Overflow requested a retraction of The Register article?

Obviously, the details of the settlement with Monica are not public, but has SO made the public action of requesting that The Register's article about the mod situation be removed or modified to not ...
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Update: an agreement with Monica Cellio

Stack Overflow and Monica Cellio have come to an agreement. We believe that Ms. Cellio was not acting with malicious intent. We believe she did not understand all of the nuances and full intent and ...
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