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When is the new Improving Feedback for All Users message coming? [duplicate]

In August, this blog post was made with an exciting update on a new closed question view for both the author and for public users. I was wondering if there is any word on when this new view is coming?...
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"Highly active question" banner is misleading [duplicate]

Today I noticed this banner on this question: What exactly is that supposed to mean? I do NOT think it means this is a highly active question, and I very much doubt it ever was. As seen in the line ...
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Why is SE removing links and community ads about a legal fund campaign?

Stack Exchange staff will actively remove links to a legal fund campaign from user profiles, posts, and comments, as well as community ads surrounding Monica's situation and reinstatement. Why? [This ...
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The "loop" has arrived. What does the community think about it?

According to plan, SE Inc. has released a lengthy blog post about "the loop", and their vision of a new "community feedback" system. Or something: TLDR; We’re going to be sharing our product ...
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Should the weight of question upvotes be increased network-wide?

Stack Exchange has expressed an interest in increasing the reputation earned from question upvotes from 5 to 10 on all sites. Do you think this is a good idea?
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Improving the copy in the close modal and post notices – 2023 edition

Since we updated the close modal text and post notices a few years ago, I've known that there are concerns about whether they're sufficiently clear for users and whether they're giving the correct ...
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New Post Notices are live network-wide

For further issues, bugs and feedback that have not been covered by existing answers here please feel free to ask a new question. A few minutes ago, new Post Notices were launched across the Stack ...
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Every "close" has its thorn: replace "close" with "on hold" for the first five days

That's right, I'm starting this out with a pun. Featuring a Poison song. I'm good with it. TL;DR We're looking at replacing [closed] with [on hold]. This sort of thing was proposed in a popular post ...
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How could we improve our planned post notice improvements?

Megan has written a post on the Stack Overflow blog about changes that are planned/upcoming on the Stack Exchange platform. I've seen a bunch of discussion about it on chat - but it feels like having ...
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The auto-comment “Does this answer your question?” generated when voting to close as a duplicate is sometimes confusing

I noticed an old question similar to another existing question and voted to close as duplicate. After this, the system added a comment: Does this answer your question? Dotnet Windows service ...
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Improve "Protected Question" message with regard to rep gained through Association Bonus

I recently started an account on Android Enthusiasts, and went to add an answer to a question which was protected. I have enough rep on other sites that I have the "Association Bonus", so I was ...
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Remove or make "Highly active question" post notice less visible / annoying

Here's what I've seen today when checked out the question. I suggest to remove this post notice (and just show a message after someone who had not enough reputation tried to answer) or at least to ...
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Why are specific close reasons no longer shown to users?

Lately, I have noticed that whereas previously the exact reason a question was closed alongside who casted close votes was shown, a more generic "Off-Topic" or similar reason is shown without the ...
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Names of close-voters are not visible in the post notice but in the revision history and timeline

I am not a user with close/reopen votes privileges on Travel Stack Exchange, therefore I can't see the names of the close voters in this question: However, they are visible when going to the revision ...
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New Post Notices are reverted to old ones

As of today I not longer see new Post Notices across SE sites. They are all reverted to old ones. Question with old notice on Stack Overflow Question with old notice on Code Review Question with ...
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