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New Post Notices rollout on Stack Overflow

New Post Notices have been launched network-wide. Please post all new feedback, bugs and feature requests to the new announcement post. As has been previously announced, we have been working for some ...
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Should the weight of downvotes be increased?

When we started Stack Overflow, we wanted to make sure that downvotes were more of a visual and psychological motivator than a punitive action. That's why upvotes are +10 downvotes are -2, and cost ...
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Get rid of the question ban on Meta; suspend actively harmful users manually

This user appears to have been question banned because of two unpopular Meta suggestions. (He says so in Chat) Look at the two contributions that appear to have gotten him banned. Like those of many ...
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New Reputation Calculation - was the community asked?

Stack Exchange is recalculating everyone's reputation to award more reputation for receiving an upvote on a question. To my knowledge, the community wasn't asked for input on whether this was a good ...
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Are other sites (besides MSE) growing inactive?

Ever since Everything That Happened with Stack Exchange, it's understandable that many users are hesitant to get re-involved on SE. It's understandable that many users are deleting their own accounts,...
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What can I do when getting "We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account"?

If you are reading this, you may have been affected by one of our post quality bans. If so, it is important that you read the following information to understand what has happened and how to regain ...
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A new (2018) update to our Terms of Service is here

But not just because it's 2018, although that's a fine reason to do a great number of things. We're changing our Terms Of Service (ToS) shortly to address three things: Stack Overflow For Teams is ...
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We’re looking for a new Vice President of Community at Stack Overflow

You might have noticed that we posted a VP of Community job description on our “Careers at Stack Overflow” page. It’s a big role, and important here at the company. As we move forward in the process ...
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Has there been any discussion regarding the original stated reasons for the question up votes being set at +5 from +10 earlier?

Jeff Atwood's Mar. 19, 2010 SE post Should the weight of question upvotes be reduced? asked about reducing the question upvote reputation changes from +10 to +5, with some discussions there both for &...
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Why was the reputation change not announced on this meta site?

I'm aware that there was a blog announcing the reputation change, but I only just came across the meta post. I was surprised to see it on the SO meta rather than here because it affects all SE sites. ...
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Is it harder to write a good question or a good answer?

I was wondering whether there's any evidence to be had as to whether it's harder to write good questions or good answers. For example, from the data available in SEDE or previous surveys. I suppose "...
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Change in the weight of upvote on questions: Distraction or bad timing and the absence of community involvement?

It's not a secret that SE is running with multiple issues, the unfortunate loss of moderators like Aza which get escalated into the directions which nobody wanted, and the SOpocalypse. Now after a day ...
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(How) Can SE sites change their reputation payout?

A recent question on Puzzling Meta reminded me that there is a longstanding meta post at PPCG about awarding 10 rep per question upvote. This is mainly due to the relative difficulty and usefulness of ...
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How can we appreciate and encourage voters?

In this answer shortly prior to We're Rewarding the Question Askers, I wrote I feel it's better to put more effort into encouraging users to selectively upvote worthwhile questions. Make them stand ...
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My reputation suddenly raised by 10k!

My reputation on Stack Overflow suddenly raised from 35k to 45k! And it seems that on other sites as well! It must have been in the past hour! What happened? I don't see any record in the reputation ...
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