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What reason would appear on closed question with 2 - 2 - 1 votes? [duplicate]

What would happen/How would close votes appear in case of 1 too localised vote 2 not a real question votes 2 not constructive votes How would message about closing look like?
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What happens if a fifth person chooses a different reason to close? [duplicate]

I'm curious, what if a question has 4 votes, 2 for one reason, 2 for other, and the fifth person chooses a third... what is the official close reason?
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When are multiple closure reasons provided in the post notice?

I noticed in this recently closed question that there are multiple close reasons presented. Here's a screenshot of the post notice: From my understanding, only one close reason is selected when ...
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Was a question ever closed with 5 different reasons?

Any time I open the close dialog I wonder if it ever happened that 5 people voted to close; each of them with a different reason? As long as it wasn't done deliberately the probability of such lack ...
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Why was this question closed as a duplicate and not as unclear what you're asking?

I recently got this question in the Close Votes queue (screenshot for <10k users). Before I voted to close it, it had 2 votes to close it as a duplicate, 1 vote to close it as "off-topic" and 1 ...
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Why was question closed as "does not appear to be about programming" when 2/3 close-voters voted for "belongs on"? [closed]

Question 77283401 was closed as This question does not appear to be about programming within the scope defined in the help center. because 2 people voted "belongs on" and 1 ...
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Priority of Close Votes [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What happens if a fifth person chooses a different reason to close? Is there priority of Close Votes' reasons? I've noticed that subjective and argumentative has more ...
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Questions closed for multiple community-specific reasons should be clear about that fact

It happens sometimes - especially on Stack Overflow - that a question will receive three close votes for community-specific reasons (i.e., as off-topic), and each voter will choose a different reason. ...
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Don't show canned off-topic reason in close banner if a moderator or a majority of users override it with a custom reason

I just voted to close this question because it's off-topic for Ask Different. There were two pending close votes with one of the canned reasons we use: "Questions about software development are ...
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If a question was closed with multiple revamped community-specific (off-topic) reasons, the close notice may not properly describe the reasons

Here's a close notice from a question that was closed with multiple off-topic (community-specific) close reasons, relating to only one specific network site and no longer reproducible: (For context, ...
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Empty text field next to light bulb on questions closed with multiple community-specific (off-topic) reasons

It seems that recently, a bug was introduced in the post notice on questions that were closed with multiple community-specific (off-topic) close reasons. There's a spot for a text field next to a ...
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Why don't off-topic close notices indicate which specific users voted for specific off-topic canned reasons anymore?

In the old notices, on questions closed as off-topic, the notice would not only indicate all of the close voters who closed the question, but also the specific users who voted for specific canned ...
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Unable to load most popups in Tor [duplicate]

This issue only recently started happening, and only happens on Tor, but not on other browsers. But I can ask and answer questions, but I cannot flag, or click the trophy to see recent rep changes or ...
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Why do I see my own answers but not my own questions in a site self-evaluation? [closed]

I just found out experimentally that in a site evaluation, you don't get to review your own question. You do however get to review questions that you've answered. The official rationale is Since it ...
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How SO handles close reason on equal number of Close votes different catagories [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is a “closed” question? What happens if a fifth person chooses a different reason to close? Priority of Close Votes When a question is closed! It will highlight the ...
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