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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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What is a "closed" or "duplicate" question?

Questions can be closed or marked as duplicates. What does it mean for a question to be "closed"? What does it mean for a question to be marked as a "duplicate"? Who can close a ...
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Where's the bump notice?

Does anyone remember this? Bumped to the homepage by Community♦ 2 hours ago This question has answers that may be good or bad; the system has marked it active so that they can be reviewed. With the ...
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New Post Notices rollout on Stack Overflow

New Post Notices have been launched network-wide. Please post all new feedback, bugs and feature requests to the new announcement post. As has been previously announced, we have been working for some ...
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How does duplicate closing work? When is a question a duplicate, and how should duplicate questions be handled?

Questions can be closed as duplicates. When are two questions considered duplicates? Which question is the duplicate? It's a duplicate. What do I do? Should I edit the question? Should I answer it? ...
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Remove or make "Highly active question" post notice less visible / annoying

Here's what I've seen today when checked out the question. I suggest to remove this post notice (and just show a message after someone who had not enough reputation tried to answer) or at least to ...
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Please allow users without the close/reopen votes privilege to see the full details of close reasons

Let me first establish what I'm not asking about: I know that there are posts that don't show a specific close reason to anyone when three different reasons were chosen. I know that users who don't ...
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What determines the "reason" for leaving closed in review that's shown in the close notice?

Today, when reviewing to leave a question closed in the reopen queue, there's an option to select which close reason still applies to the question, or that the original close reason was not resolved. ...
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Why is the auto generated duplicate comment disappearance not consistent?

I have flagged the following two questions as duplicates: Split list based on element value in Scala [duplicate] The POST method is not supported for this route. Supported methods: GET, HEAD. - ...
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The Help Center page on "closed questions" on sites other than Stack Overflow contains the old descriptions of the close reasons

The Help Center page at /help/closed-questions titled What does it mean if a question is "closed"? lists the five top-level close reasons and their descriptions. However, the close reason ...
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Why are the community-specific close reasons not automatically included in the don't ask help article?

Any person can read a general pan-SE list of close reasons. Any person can read a site-specific list of on-topic areas – these are available in the help center. In a few SE sites, there is a list of &...
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Links to migrated answers' revision histories incorrectly go to the parent question's revision history instead of the answer's history

When a question along with its answers is migrated to another site, only its latest revision is copied to the destination site. Originally, there was no attribution supplied to users who edited either ...
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"Submit" is not an answer to the question "Does this answer your question?"

"Submit" is not an answer to the question "Some community members have suggested a similar question that may solve your problem. Does this answer your question?" Screenshot from Google Chrome on ...
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The auto-comment “Does this answer your question?” generated when voting to close as a duplicate is sometimes confusing

I noticed an old question similar to another existing question and voted to close as duplicate. After this, the system added a comment: Does this answer your question? Dotnet Windows service ...
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Close reasons are a poor way to give advice on how to improve a post

I think that a significant portion of the angst around closing questions is caused by forcing reviewers to select one reason that must cover why a question is unsuitable for a site or why answers to a ...

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