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To improve first poster experience, can questions have a suspend state before they can be voted for close? [duplicate]

Possible names for this feature: "Suspended" "Under review" I am sure newbies find it quite confronting to ask a question and then have it "closed". A suspend state ...
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Some banners still have the yellow colour scheme. Can it be changed to blue like the rest of the post notices?

When I suggested an edit to a question here on MSE, I noticed that the banner saying "Thanks for submitting an edit" is yellow in colour, which was the colour scheme before the new post ...
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“trivial, unless absolutely necessary” in edit guidelines does not make sense

The guidelines given to users who are about to suggest an edit are (boldface mine): Your edit will be placed in a queue until it is peer reviewed. We welcome all constructive edits, but please ...
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Don't show canned off-topic reason in close banner if a moderator or a majority of users override it with a custom reason

I just voted to close this question because it's off-topic for Ask Different. There were two pending close votes with one of the canned reasons we use: "Questions about software development are ...
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Close reasons are a poor way to give advice on how to improve a post

I think that a significant portion of the angst around closing questions is caused by forcing reviewers to select one reason that must cover why a question is unsuitable for a site or why answers to a ...
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Changes to the duplicate auto comment, making a difference to how duplicate flags are perceived

Stack Exchange have been getting a hard time with regards to recent changes made, so I thought it would be good to point out a small thing, I think, is making a good change. I am refering to the ...
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The Help Center page on "closed questions" on sites other than Stack Overflow contains the old descriptions of the close reasons

The Help Center page at /help/closed-questions titled What does it mean if a question is "closed"? lists the five top-level close reasons and their descriptions. However, the close reason ...
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Close reason banner not displayed to low-reputation post author [closed]

Over at Physics we have a new user whose first interaction with the site was to post an interesting but off-topic question. They were savvy enough to ask about it on Meta, but not to follow the ...
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Make tooltip for migrated posts on localized sites human readable

Tooltip for migrated post on localized sites, e.g. on Stack Overflow in Russian* contains URL encoding and completely unreadable: Could it please be fixed to display not only Latin symbols? Same for ...
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"Highly active question" banner is misleading [duplicate]

Today I noticed this banner on this question: What exactly is that supposed to mean? I do NOT think it means this is a highly active question, and I very much doubt it ever was. As seen in the line ...
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How people are ending asking programming questions on Meta? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are people asking SO questions on Meta? Regularly, some new users are posting programming questions on Meta (like for example this recent one). How is that happening? I ...
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Links to migrated answers' revision histories incorrectly go to the parent question's revision history instead of the answer's history

When a question along with its answers is migrated to another site, only its latest revision is copied to the destination site. Originally, there was no attribution supplied to users who edited either ...
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Community rejects edit with incorrect reason [duplicate]

Community properly rejected this edit due to edit conflict. The rejection was triggered by this edit by the author. However, the review message by Community is This edit did not correct critical ...
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Why are the community-specific close reasons not automatically included in the don't ask help article?

Any person can read a general pan-SE list of close reasons. Any person can read a site-specific list of on-topic areas – these are available in the help center. In a few SE sites, there is a list of &...
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Show "Tap to show spoiler" message for spoilers in responsive design

Related question: Should mobile ask for taps on spoilers, not clicks?, but that is about the (deprecated) mobile web interface, not the new responsive design. This feature request is related but ...
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