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What determines the "reason" for leaving closed in review that's shown in the close notice?

Today, when reviewing to leave a question closed in the reopen queue, there's an option to select which close reason still applies to the question, or that the original close reason was not resolved. ...
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Should grammar edits of closed questions be approved? [duplicate]

If a question is closed or put on hold, usually nobody bothers to fix spelling mistakes in it. But if a new user does it, should the edit be approved? It does technically edit the post, although not ...
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Deleted by Community not shown on review (audit?) page

This question on Meta Stack Overflow: Why is this answer spam? concerns a failed review audit (link, SO 10k only). It looks a little bit strange, because it doesn't show that the Community ♦ ...
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Remove migration notices from destination post [duplicate]

As part of the roll-out of new post notices, questions that were migrated now show a notice at the top indicating that they were migrated. I ran across a question today that is seven years old. ...
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Why does this particular reopen review task incorrectly show with the old wording of the duplicate close reason?

Prior to February 2013, the duplicate close reason notice used to have the following wording: This question covers exactly the same content as earlier questions on this topic; its answers may be ...
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Is it considered poor form to answer old and inactive questions? (thread resurrection) [duplicate]

I think the title says it all. On some support boards and forums it is considered poor form because it causes activity that bothers some. Especially to those that monitors that site's "newest changes" ...
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Post notice for posts migrated to per-site Meta gives wrongly worded reasoning again [duplicate]

On the New Post Notices announcement, this bug has previously been reported as an answer: feature-request migration per-site-meta status-completed The wording on the migration banner is kind of ...
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Info box on duplicate question states you should ask a new one instead of editing the original question [duplicate]

A couple of days ago I asked a question on SO. The question was marked as duplicate. The linked question did not answer my question, so according to the info box, I posted the question again (and ...
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No link to the origin post for old questions closed as duplicates [duplicate]

There is no link in special duplicate block to the origin question for old posts. Check out this one: The most recent duplicates contain links in the block:
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